Woman pushes man in front of train because she hates ‘Hindus and Muslims’

A New York woman will be charged with a hate-crime for pushing a man from India in front of a moving subway train. The woman, Erika Menendez, 31, pushed the man, Sunando Sen, 46, to his death because she believed him to be Muslim or a Hindu.

Sen was born in Calcutta, India and was raised Hindu. Because of that, coupled with the fact that Menendez is a homicidal idiot, he’s now dead.

Menendez told police that she’s been beating up Muslims since 9-11.

If convicted, Menendez faces a maximum penalty of life in prison. Because she will also be charged with a hate-crime, she faces a minimum sentence of 20 years. If she were not charged with a hate-crime, the minimum sentence would be 15 years. If you decide to kill someone in New York, make sure there’s not an ounce of hate in your heart. It just may save you five years in prison.

Photo: Michael Hicks


  1. says

    I never agreed with concept of “hate crimes.” So if I kill someone because I want to steal their wallet that’s somehow less evil than if I kill someone because I hate their skin color/nationality/etc.? What difference does that make?

    Either way, I say this sick b***h should get the electric chair.

    • Rick Rottman says

      I think hate crimes make more sense when it’s used for things other then murder. For instance, if someone where to paint a swastika on the front door of a synagogue, it would make more sense to charge them with a hate crime than simple petty vandalism.

    • Sorosh says

      She has to be pushed in front of a moving vehicle, the same way she pushed Sen, in order to feel what is hate. God has created people the way they are, whether they are of white, brown, black, yellow, red skin. It’s not humans fault, and why the skin colour should be taken a criteria of discrimination? what’s under these coloured skins? blood, flesh, bone, and what is the difference between white and black’s blood difference? Souls, what’s the difference between the souls of humans? I think we are all humans, the same creature of God, the children of Adam and Eve. The difference lies in how we are brought up, how we have programmed our minds, therefore how we see the world. If there is a school of thought in which all humans were brought up equally, with the same perspectives, and worldviews, I don’t think anyone would discriminate any other human being just because of language, skin, nationality, or religion, etc.

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