Why did Morgan loose consciousness?

Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, entitled Clear, was a doozy. It featured of Morgan, the man who saved Rick after he left the hospital. He hasn’t been seen on the show since the pilot episode,

It was a great episode. It really was. With that said, there was something in the episode I didn’t like or understand. When Carl shot Morgan, why did he lose consciousness? I don’t get it. He was wearing body armor that prevented the bullet from doing any more damage than causing a nasty bruise, so why was he knocked out?

Since he was wearing a helmet, I find it hard to believe he hit his head on the ground.

Not only did he get knocked out, he stayed out for a long time. He remained unconscious while being carried upstairs and placed on his cot. He didn’t wake up for quite a while.

Stuff like this bothers me. I spent too much time wondering why Morgan would lose consciousness from getting shot in the torso protected by body armor. It made no sense and it was distracting.

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