Ustream, more like U-don’t-stream

Ustream, more like U-don't-streamThe 2012 Hugo Awards were announced last night at the 70th World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. The award show was being broadcast live over the Internet on Ustream. That is, until the people producing the award show had the audacity to play an actual clip from an episode of Doctor Who. The episode was up for an award. Ustream acted swiftly and promptly to this blatant copyright infringement by cutting the feed.

Neil Gaiman was accepting his award for writing the Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Wife when the feed was cut. It never returned.

Ustream, in their defense, did what any company would do in a similar situation, they blamed their outsourced, third-party robot censor overlords.

It’s hard to take Ustream too serious when they have R2-D2’s idiot cousin working the dump button for them. It’s one thing to have software flag possible copyright infringement, it’s quite another to have it pull the plug without any good old fashioned human intervention.

God forbid somebody sees more then a couple of minutes of Doctor Who on the Internets.

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