Turns out working in an Amazon warehouse really sucks

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to put one of those smiley face Amazon boxes in your hands filed with whatever wonderful junk you purchased online, wonder no more. The Morning Call has an in-depth article detailing the hellish conditions of an Amazon warehouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

It’s really bad.

Amazon uses mostly temporary workers with the carrot-on-a-stick of a permanent job if they work really, really hard and don’t die from heat stroke. From the before mentioned article:

During summer heat waves, Amazon arranged to have paramedics parked in ambulances outside, ready to treat any workers who dehydrated or suffered other forms of heat stress. Those who couldn’t quickly cool off and return to work were sent home or taken out in stretchers and wheelchairs and transported to area hospitals. And new applicants were ready to begin work at any time.

This is ridiculous. Amazon’s founder and CEO, Jeffrey Bezos, is one of the world’s richest people with an estimated net worth of $18 billion. You’d think he alone could afford to put air conditioning in his company’s warehouses, making them a decent place to work.

I guess not.

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17 thoughts on “Turns out working in an Amazon warehouse really sucks”

  1. My daughter worked at amazon in Carlisle and got sick from the work. She also had an accident and was told get back to work. She said it was the worst experice inher life. Supervisiors were rude and could care less about safety of workers. After doing some reaserch I found out that Amazon is a horrible place to work. We all should stop buying from Amazon, I know I will. Business like this breed sociopaths. What ever happend to caring about your workers. Its the almighty buck at work. I bet the owner could not do the job he expects his workers to do.

    1. I also worked at the Carlisle, amazon. I was fired after 3 years for telling the site leader my medical diagnosis, They don’t care about you. There ethics line is a scam setup to make the employees think they have some kind of recourse, they don’t. I was told this by the ethics dept in confidence by one of there employees. Anyone on FMLA or medical restrictions are being weeded out via made up accusations and hearsay. I wanted to believe and loved my job. There motto is do the the right thing when no one is looking. They Don’t! I feel like a fool for falling for there line.

  2. I’m currently working for them at one of their uk warehouses (can’t say which one for obvious reasons) .It really is hell.I’ve just worked a week with flu and obviously my targets are down and errors (bloody piffling errors) are up as a result.I should have been home in bed but temp workers don’t get any pay whatsoever if they fall ill and you get pointed for it too if you don’t instantly submit a medical certificate,so you need to plan to be sick in advance.The constant security checks are oppressive.I’ll most prob have to go for amazon counseling next wk at some point,bet they hold it in room 101.I’ll require counseling of a very different nature when the time comes to leave there.I truly feel i’m going mad there!!!

  3. I worked at an Amazon warehouse during the holidays in 2011, and there was some air conditioning in different parts of the building. It was still a hot place to work. We didn’t have people passing out, nor did we have ambulances waiting around. I still wouldn’t take the job again because I don’t enjoy working night shift 60 hours a week. I’ll take office work any day.

  4. They are on a point system. Two fifteen minute breaks paid and a half an hour lunch unpaid for a ten hour shift with mandatory overtime or you get a point if you don’t show with call out.If you don’t call out you get fired for mandatory overtime. Amazon gives you a very short time to make your production rate.If you don’t make it weekly you get wrote up,and it is very hard to make it.Amazon treats you like you are a machine not a human being. Its like slave labor. You are moving as fast as you possibly can to make rate. It is very hard on the body especially the feet if you are a picker.The break room is very far from where you work and so is the bathrooms, the breaks are to short. No wonder they have temporary workers come in all the time. I have been there a week now and am looking for something else because I’m not a slave to anyone especially Amazon and my feet are severely over worked.

  5. This was one of the worst places I have ever worked at! Me and my wife worked in the Fort Worth plant and it SUCKED like hell….We were constantly threatened with our jobs if we did not produce their numbers. You couldn’t even go to the rest room without it affecting your production! The plant was too big to walk across in order to take your 10 minute breaks. You were lucky to get 5 minutes if you walked really fast, and you could not be back late because you would be threatened with your job again! Not to mention, being treated like criminals when we were layed off (JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS). We were patted down and treated like we were going to walk off with his shitty merchandise…..
    Moreover, I was never payed for my overtime! Jeffrey Bezos, you better really rethink how you conduct your business affairs when it comes to your employees! Because working at your business is nothing less than Bull Shit! Oh by the way, if you are still employed by Amazon, log off your scanner; it will save and stop your time at all breaks and lunches!!!!!!!

  6. The point that was made by “Unknown” on March 24, 2013 is exactly right. I’ve been at the ONT2 location in San Bernardino CA, and it is just like slave labor. The comments this person wrote about, I totally agree with. Every point made applies to my job. I’ve been there going on my third work week now, and already hate the job. I’m working as fast as I can, and it’s clearly not good enough to meet their quotas I was made to sign a written notice last night as a means to bring my productivity up.. It sucks.. I’m giving the job 100% and I’m still not good enough. Oh, did I mention that I’m in my 50’s? I heard that they try to weed out the older folks such as myself.. If It weren’t for the benefits, I wouldn’t be there. .

  7. Been at Amazon in Breinigsville for 9 months now. I will be leaving for the reserves soon for training and I can’t keep my job. No worries. I’d rather push my body to the limit doing something honorable…not worrying about whether or not someone gets the dildos or butt plugs they ordered.

  8. i am currently employed at amazon in the nashville area and recently chosen to take part in a round table discussion about why turnover is so high our particular warehouse…surprise surprise the people hate the job and then some cant make the ridiculously high rates they set for us

  9. I worked at the Amazon in Chattanooga, TN. It was awful. Absolute hell. First week, the supervisors were nice, but then the second or third week, someone forgot to tell me about our training session. I missed out on it, and after that, whenever I asked for help, they would show how to work the hand held computers for about 15 seconds, then just basically told me to get back to work, instead of helping me.

    What I could not handle is the constant walking, going up and down flights of stairs. I remember after work, I would be limping, have to take my shoes off just to drive home my feet hurt so bad. And one shift, I could not even move my foot on my lunch break for about two minutes. Was about to start freaking out.

    My advice for anyone is not to work at amazon if you want to have any kind of life outside work or if you want to be able to even physically walk after work.

  10. Amazon warehouse holds truckers captive when you deliver their load they don’t want you early before your appointment and when they get you in the door it takes 8 hrs unloading one truck . I lost lots of money waiting and got fined $250 at my next pick up and mind you ended up loosing a good paying load thanks to amazon going to do all I can possibly do to alert all owner operators to avoid amazon loads .this company runs it’s employees like slaves in a camp. And does the same to drivers who bring goods to them . If amazon is the last place on earth I will drive my truck empty…I usually buy things online through them but as for now never ever will I spend a dime with a slave camp owner . ….SAY NO TO AMAZON

  11. Wow! I was ticked off because they constantly send my packages slower than I pay for. I was researching where to put my help to cause them any amount of discomfort when I found this posting.

    I never thought of the other side of the coin, as in the hell of working for them.

    I guess if you’re a billionaire you can higher people to keep these things from making the major news media or anything changing the profitability of your cash cow.

    So what do we do? How can we make the world see what goes on in this company?

  12. I currently work at an Amazon Fulfilment Warehouse. Been there a few weeks. Sorry I took the job. 10 Hour Shifts. 4th Deck. North Side of the warehouse. Which is almost the middle if you looked straight down. Break rooms are far away. They want 290 Units “Stowed” per hour. And not to mention “Quality” errors. Grounds for Write Ups. Security force staffed by people with Criminal Pasts. Constant “Pat Downs” on my way out. Over? A US Military Issued Medic Alert “Dog Tag” I carry in my wallet. All they care about is Numbers. Made us work on Labor Day. Then asked for Volunteers to take unpaid Time Off.

  13. I forgot to mention, Mandatory OT. Which for me falls on a Friday. Being Single, That is the Only day I can deal with things like insurance, Bank, DMV. I have nobody to handle this for me.

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