There may or may not be a massive winter storm coming to Hagerstown

The weather forecasters are calling for a severe snowstorm in the Hagerstown region.


When I first saw the above image on the official NBC 25 website, I thought it meant that we were committed to fighting breast cancer.  It turns out that the color pink not only represents breast cancer research, it represents a winter storm. Who knew?

I then saw this image on the same website:


If I’m reading this map correctly, and I may not be, I was kicked out of both Cub Scouts and Royal Rangers, I believe Hagerstown is looking at up to ten inches of white death by tomorrow night.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get any snow. Our local weather forecasters tend to exaggerate about snow.

Update: We received a whopping 2.5 inches of the white stuff.

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