The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl champions

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 last night in Super Bowl XLVII held in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has to be one of the most absurd games ever played in Super Bowl history.

It began like any other football game. The Ravens scored on their first offensive series and it quickly looked like it was going to be a one-sided shellacking by the Ravens. Baltimore went into the extended half-time up 21-6. On the opening kick-off of the third quarter, Jacoby Jones of the Ravens scored a touchdown on a 108-yard return. The score was then 28-6.

Then the game got really weird.

After 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick was sacked on second down for a loss of six yards, the electricity in the Superdome suddenly, mysteriously went out. It remained out for 34 minutes. Some electricity was restored immediately by back-up generators, but it wasn’t enough juice for all the lights or TV cameras. CBS lost its connection to the broadcast booth. The NFL wouldn’t allow players to leave the field. Viewers were told that the power would be fully restored in fifteen minutes.

When power was finally restored and play resumed, it was a totally different game. Football is a game of momentum and it was clear Baltimore had lost the momentum during the power outage, while San Francisco had obtained it. The 49ers scored 25 points after the second halftime, while the Ravens scored only six points.

The 49ers only needed one more unscheduled halftime and they probably would have won Super Bowl XLVII.

So what caused the power outage? Nobody really knows. There was an official statement about an abnormality being detected in the electrical system, and that the system automatically shut itself down as it was designed to do. That seems kind of strange to me. If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect the power was purposely killed so the game wouldn’t quickly turn into a complete blowout. I do know that during the blackout, people began tweeting and posting to other social media sites about the blackout. People who were not watching the Super Bowl tuned in to see what was going on.

If the power outage was an accident and unintentional, it worked out quite well for the NFL and CBS. It almost worked out well for the 49ers. Almost.

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