Commit a terrorist act, get treated like a rock star!

rolling-stone-coverThe folks who publish Rolling Stone magazine evidently decided it would be a swell idea to put accused Bostom Marathan bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover. The issue of Rolling Stone, hitting store shelves tomorrow, features a full-sized image of Tsarnaev.

At first glance, you might not notice it’s Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone. You might mistakenly think it’s a semi-popular musician in dire need of a haircut. It’s not, it’s a guy who killed people, who put numerous others into wheelchairs. It’s a terrorist.

Rolling Stone doesn’t even identify Tsarnaev as a terrorist, but merely as “The Bomber”.

The cover is wrong on so many levels. The cover of Rolling Stone is seen in our culture as an honor. At least it used to be. There’s even a song from the early 70’s entitled Cover Of The Rolling Stone. It talks about the thrill you get when you see your picture on the over of the Rolling Stone.

Then again, Rolling Stone did put that talentless hack Lena Dunham on the cover once, so I guess there’s a precedent of sorts for this type of thing. Though Dunham is no terrorist, she is on a terrible show on HBO that she created.

If Rolling Stone put Tsarnaev on the cover thinking the controversy would help sell copies, they may have thought wrong. Retailers are lining up to announce that they won’t be selling the magazine. Personally, I’ll be curious to see if the issue will be sold at Target. I always see the magazine displayed at the checkouts. According to a woman I used to work with, Target hates America. If that’s true, than I guess it would make sense for Target to sell this particular issue, since it glamorizes a terrorist who wanted to bring death to a whole bunch of people, simply because they were American.

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