Never buy a full year of WordPress hosting

GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting is a terrible product. One of its most annoying aspects is how slow the backend is. Use GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting and need to make a change, install a plugin or add a widget, you’re going to wait. I decided to see how long it was talking to perform simple tasks. … Continue reading “Never buy a full year of WordPress hosting”

GoDaddy isn’t sure WordPress 4.7 is ‘safe and stable’ yet

When I realized I needed to move my blog’s hosting provider from Site5, I decided I would move it to GoDaddy. I wanted to try the Godaddy Managed WordPress product. I heard an interview on WP Tavern’s WordPress Weekly podcast with Gabriel Mays, head of WordPress products at GoDaddy. I had a bad opinion of … Continue reading “GoDaddy isn’t sure WordPress 4.7 is ‘safe and stable’ yet”

2015 Hugo Awards nominees announced

The 2015 Hugo Award¬†nominees were announced yesterday, and the list of nominees is reportedly rife with controversy. I wouldn’t know. I look at the list of finalists for Best Novel, do a quick mental check to see if I’ve read any of them, and then generally move on with my Internet browsing.¬† The list of … Continue reading “2015 Hugo Awards nominees announced”