Over half of Washington County elementary and middle schools failed to meet reading or math proficiency requirements


A total of seventeen Washington County elementary and middle schools failed to meet state requirements in either math or reading testing this past school year. Washington County has a total of 32 elementary and middle schools. This means over half are failing to adequately teach math and reading. Of these two subjects, failing to teach kids … [Read more...]

Dump trash at a recyclable drop-off box and you might spend a year behind bars

A public service announcement will soon be shown on Antietam Cable informing Washington County residents that the county's recyclable drop-off boxes are for recyclables, not trash. Residents will be warned in the PSA that if they are caught dumping trash at one of the 11 unmanned recycling drop-off sites, they may face up to $12,500 in fines and a … [Read more...]

Danger! Danger! A snow emergency without any snow!

Even though not one flake of snow has yet fallen, Maryland governor Martin O’Malley has already declared a state of emergency for the entire state due to snow. Forecasters are saying we may be hit with anywhere from three to 12 inches of snow today. That's a huge range. Three inches of snow is barely worth mentioning. A foot of snow is something … [Read more...]

Washington County school board to give employees a $500 ‘stipend’

The Washington County Board of Education has voted to bestow a $500 stipend to each and every Washington County Public Schools employee, possibly before Christmas. The reason? Because teachers will not be receiving a cost-of-living increase this fiscal year. Also because teachers and other support personnel will not have their health-care plan … [Read more...]

Freedom means being able to die a horrible death in a house fire

One of the things I've always liked about living in an apartment and not a single-family home is that apartments, by law, must have automatic fire sprinkler systems built into the ceiling. What it means is that though one day I will surely die, while living in an apartment, I won't die in a fire. Out of all the ways of leaving this physical world, … [Read more...]