Father shoots daughter’s laptop

A North Carolina man was angry after reading a negative post about him on his 15-year-old daughter’s Facebook wall and decided to do something about it. Tommy Jordan took his daughter’s laptop outside and shot it nine times with his .45 automatic handgun. He then posted a video of the shooting on Facebook for the viewing pleasure of his daughter’s friends. His daughter must have a lot of friends, because since posting the video, over nine million people have watched it.

In the video, Mr. Jordan says that his daughter thought she was being smart by blocking her parents from seeing it, but that he would have thought having a father who works in IT for a living, she would have had better sense then to do it again. He then states that he spent nearly six hours the day before fixing her laptop, installing new software. Six hours? To install software on a laptop? Does the laptop have a three and a half-inch floppy drive? My guess is the reason her laptop wasn’t working was because her doofus of a father installed a keylogger on it.

Something tells me Tommy Jordan is the kind of IT person that ensures other IT people, more competent IT people, have a job.

Mr. Jordan states in the video that his daughter now owes him the $130 he spent on software for her laptop and a dollar for each of the hollow-point bullets he fired into it.

His daughter has the audacity to act like a bratty 15-year-old on Facebook and his idea of discipline is to punish her by destroying her laptop and humiliating her in front of millions of people. This isn’t discipline, it’s petty vindictiveness. He’s mad over something done by a child and as a result, acts like a bratty child himself.