Why wasn’t Scott Wilson from ‘The Walking Dead’ nominated for an Emmy?


The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced yesterday. Missing (again) from the list was AMC's The Walking Dead. What I find almost offensive is that actor Scott Wilson wasn't nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work as Herschel. I don't see how anyone could watch his performance on The Walking Dead and not find it worthy of an Emmy, let alone … [Read more...]

Why did Morgan loose consciousness?

Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, entitled Clear, was a doozy. It featured of Morgan, the man who saved Rick after he left the hospital. He hasn't been seen on the show since the pilot episode, It was a great episode. It really was. With that said, there was something in the episode I didn't like or understand. When Carl shot Morgan, … [Read more...]

Since when are teenage girls into Tom Waits?

Last night's episode of The Walking Dead ended with Beth Greene, the 17-year-old daughter of Hershel and sister of Maggie, singing an impromptu, a cappella version of Tom Waits’ 1999 song Hold On. How many teenage girls can sing 14-year-old Tom Waits songs word-for-word? It's one thing to believe the world has been devastated by a plague that … [Read more...]