Buy my collection of ‘The Walking Dead’ comics


Last night I posted what’s left of my The Walking Dead comic collection on eBay. I’ve sold a few key issues as individual listing, but I decided to sell the remaining 44 issues in one, big lot. I’ll probably get less money this way than if I sold each issue separately, but selling them in one lot spares me the hassle of trying to auction off each comic separately.

I started the auction as $130. That works out to be $2.95 per issue. That’s what I paid for the 44 comics, more or less. As of this morning, there are already three bids and the current price is $202.50. The auction ends August 4th at around 9:40 PM EDT. I have a 100% eBay feedback rating and a feedback score of 465. That would be really bad if it was a credit rating, but it’s not, it’s how many eBay members have had positive experiences with me on eBay.

Take a look at it if it sounds like something you’d be interested in.

THE WALKING DEAD comic book lot 44 issues [eBay]

Update: The lot ended up going for a whopping $554.65. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with the outcome. A new iPad Air for me!

Why wasn’t Scott Wilson from ‘The Walking Dead’ nominated for an Emmy?


The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced yesterday. Missing (again) from the list was AMC’s The Walking Dead. What I find almost offensive is that actor Scott Wilson wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work as Herschel. I don’t see how anyone could watch his performance on The Walking Dead and not find it worthy of an Emmy, let alone a nomination.

Scott Wilson appeared in a total of 37 episodes of The Walking Dead. His transformation of the character from his first episode to his last was really quite remarkable. He turned Hershel into a real person. The fact that he can get snubbed for an Emmy makes me think the whole thing is rigged.

The Emmys suck and I don’t like them.

I wish ‘The Walking Dead’ was more like ‘The Love Boat’


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, the fourth season finale, was great. This has probably been the best season yet, especially the second half.

Most of the gang, everyone except Carol, Judith, Tyreese, was reunited at Terminus, albeit locked in a boxcar by a bunch of candle-loving cannibals.

Speaking of which, I learned an important lesson in last night’s episode: when older, long-haired Tasha Yar offers you a plate of barbecue, just say no. Tell her you already ate. Tell her you’re not hungry. Tell her anything, just don’t eat anything she’s serving up.

If you do, you may decide later to become a vegan.

As great as the episode was, it seems almost criminal to make viewers wait seven months for season five. That’s too long to wait. Season five isn’t supposed to kick off until October.

Back in the day, a series on TV ended in May and then began again the following September. When you watched the season finale of The Love Boat, it was assured you were going to see Gopher, Captain Stubing, Issac, and the rest of the Pacific Princess crew again in four short months. Not once did you have to wait seven months for The Love Boat to start again.

Why can’t The Walking Dead by more like The Love Boat?

The Walking Dead season 3 finale was a ginormous disapointment

The third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead came to a close Sunday night and it set a new cable viewing record of 12.4 million viewers. I didn’t like it. I thought it was anti-climatic and featured some sub-par, sloppy writing.

For instance, when Rick spoke to Carl after the failed attack by the Governor’s people, he asked his son about the boy he shot. Rick asked Carl if he was handing over his gun when he shot him. Carl told his father that he couldn’t take the chance. He pointed out that Rick was in a room with the Governor and he let him go, and then the Governor killed Merle.

Carl was right. He was right in shooting the boy in the woods and he was right about the Governor killing Merle. The problem is, how did Carl know that? When the Governor shot Merle, the two men were alone in a room without anyone else there. The audience knows that the Governor shot Merle, but none of the show’s characters would know this other than the Governor himself. Carl would have absolutely no way of knowing the Governor killed Merle, yet he states it as a known fact.

It was sloppy writing. It’s not the first time slopping writing has made its way onto The Walking Dead and the way they are going through showrunners, I doubt it will be the last.

When the Governor killed his own people after they fled the prison, it was unexpected and shocking, mostly because the series had been building all season towards a final confrontation between Rick and Governor. When the Governor slaughtered his own people, it became clear there would be no final confrontation. A Governor without people to govern is no Governor at all, he’s just a psychopathic jerk with an eye patch.

The episode’s one redeeming thing was the death of Andrea. If there was a true villain in season three, it was Andrea. She tried to play both sides and a lot of people died because if it.

The most absurd thing about the episode was the last scene. Rick and his crew brought Woodbury’s remaining people, the children and the elderly, people who could not serve as soldiers in the Governor’s attacking army, back to the awful prison to live. Why anyone would choose to live in the prison when they could instead live in Woodbury without the Governor is more than a little ridiculous.

Woodbury is a much nicer place than the prison, why didn’t anyone point this out?

The only explanation for this stupid decision was because it’s cheaper to shoot the show in the prison than Woodbury. The prison is a giant set created just for the show. The town of Woodbury is a real town, Senoia, with real people. The production costs are substantially higher to shoot the show in a real town than they are on a fake prison set. That’s why everyone will be living in the prison, because it’s cheaper.

Season four of The Walking Dead begins sometime in October. If it’s anything like season three, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. In fact, I think I’m done with The Walking Dead. I was done with the comic with issue #100 and I think I’m done with the TV show now too.