Harrison Ford may have broke his ankle filming ‘Star Wars’


Harrison Ford was rushed by helicopter from the set of the new Star Wars movie at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England. It's believed that the 71-year-old American movie icon broke his ankle. Good thing he has two of them. I can't imagine flying to the hospital because of an injured ankle. Even if a piece of bone was sticking out, … [Read more...]

Final ‘Star Wars’ solicitation from Dark Horse


A long time ago, in a galaxy not far away, Dark Horse Comics was the sole publisher of Star Wars comics. Then Disney purchased everything Star Wars related from LucasFilm for a tidy $4.05 billion. This started the clock ticking for Dark Horse and their run on publishing comics in the Star Wars universe. Disney, the new owners of everything Star … [Read more...]

‘Godzilla’ makes $93.2 million over the weelend


Godzilla took in $93.2 million at the box office this weekend, exceeding all expectations. In comparison, Pacific Rim, a movie similar to  this year's Godzilla, only better, made only $37.2 million its opening weekend.  Why would theater goers flock to Godzilla, but not Pacific Rim? Both movies feature city killing, gigantic monsters and lots of … [Read more...]

May the Fourth be with you!


Today is May 4th, also known in geek circles as Star Wars Day. The reason is because May 4th sort of sounds like the beginning of the expression, "May the Force be with you." It's kind of silly but not as silly as Talk Like a Pirate Day or Columbus Day. The origin of the day supposedly goes back to 1979, and it wasn't even invented by George … [Read more...]