‘Star Wars’ comics to move from Dark Horse to Marvel in 2015

'Star Wars' comics to move from Dark Horse to Marvel in 2015Lucasfilm announced yesterday in an official press release that Star Wars comics will be moving from Dark Horse Comics, where they’ve been published for the last 22 years, to Marvel Comics, beginning in 2015. If this sounds like a monumental decision on the part of Lucasfilm to jump ship from a publisher it has a long history of successful partnership with for another, it’s not. In 2012, Disney purchased Lucasfilm and all things Star Wars. Disney also owns Marvel Comics.

It was only a matter of time before Marvel reacquired the Star Wars licence.

Marvel Comics was the first funny book company to publish Star Wars comics, beginning back in 1977 when the first movie first came out. It went on to publish Star Wars comics for nine years. Then, in 1991, Dark Horse Comics acquired the licence and began publishing comics based in the Star Wars universe.

If Disney didn’t own both Marvel Comics and Lucasfilms, I don’t see this move happening. At Dark Horse, the Star Wars property has center-stage. It’s the company’s top brand. At Marvel, Star Wars comics will never have a similar place with the company’s order of importance. At best it will always be a second-tier or third-tier property when compared to all the superhero stuff.

At Marvel, there’s also the outside chance that there will be an awful crossover with the Star Wars stuff and the superhero stuff. In the late 90′s, when Marvel had the rights to Star Trek, there were a couple of terrible crossovers with the X-Men. I think I speak for everyone when I say nobody wants to see Boba Fett and Deadpool team-up.

I’ve never read a Dark Horse Star Wars comic, and when I think about it, I don’t know why. I like Star Wars. I like comic books. I’m not sure why these two interests never intersected and resulted in me reading a Star Wars comic. I guess I should do something about that.

I wonder what’s going to happen to Dark Horse’s massive catalog of Star Wars collected trades. Will they be allowed to continue publishing these books after Marvel reacquires the licence. I’m guessing not. Now might be the time to start procuring these trades on Amazon while we still can.

Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual

Death Star Owner's Technical ManualRandom House has a published a technical manual for the Death Star, the planet killing space station featured in Star Wars. It’s in the style of a Hayes auto manual, the book you buy at AutoZone when you need to learn how to replace the water pump in a ’89 Toyota Celica. It’s called Star Wars: Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual: Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station and it retails for $30.

Amazon is currently selling it for a smidge under $19.

One thing I never understood about the Death Star is how it was a space station. Doesn’t a space station need to be, I don’t know, stationary? The Death Star was able to move from one place to another. Just ask the people of Alderon.

Of course you can’t ask anyone on Alderon because their all dead. They’re all dead because of the Death Star, the non-stationary space station, destroyed Alderon.

How to make ‘Star Wars’ great again

There’s a video on the Interwebs posing as an open letter to J.J. Abrams, tapped to be the director of the next Star Wars movie, telling him how to make Star Wars great again. First, the video:

First of all, I agree with everything mentioned in the video. The problem is, I’m not sure everyone believes that Star Wars needs to be fixed. I have to believe that some think it’s great just the way it is.

Even though the original trilogy came to a completion in 1983 with Return of the Jedi, all things Star Wars is more popular now than it’s ever been. Considering just how awful the prequel movies were, and they were pretty awful, I don’t understand why Star Wars is so popular now, especially with people in their twenties. For their entire life, new Star Wars content has been a giant bucket of suck. The prequel movies should have poisoned the Star Wars well. They should have done to the Star Wars universe what Star Trek:Voyager and Enterprise did to the Star Trek universe.

J.J. Abrams was able to resurrect the Star Trek franchise with the last two movies. The problem with him doing the same thing to the Star Wars franchise is that financially and on paper, it’s never been stronger.

It’s hard to fix something if it’s not broke.

Japanese movie poster for ‘The Black Hole’

The Black Hole, Walt Disney’s answer to Star Wars, was the second movie I saw in a real-life movie theater. The theater was at the Eagle Rock mall in Los Angeles. If the theater was in Japan, this poster probably would have been displayed out front.

I wish I had this. It incorporates two things I love: Japan and bad sci-fi movies from my youth.