Nike Air Force 1 Supreme

Nike is releasing a special military themed version of the Air Force 1, only the greatest shoe ever made, with retailer Supreme. There will be three different color schemes, NATO woodland camouflage, solid olive drab, and black. My favorite are the NATO woodland camouflage versions seen in the above photo.

The shoes will be available online on November 15. I expect them to be pricey and not available in my size.

Ugliest shoes ever made

Sheri and I went to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum at the Washington Dulles International Airport today. We saw some pretty neat stuff. On the way back, we stopped at an outlet mall in Leesburg, Virgina. While perusing the large-sized shoes in the Reebok store, I stumbled upon the ugliest shoes ever made.

I feel sorry for the Vietnamese children that were forced to make these.  These things are just awful looking. As if working in a Vietnamese forced labor camp isn’t bad enough, some unlucky 12-year-old hand to stitch these florescent turds together. What must they think about the people that wear these?

The most absurd thing about these ugly shoes was the price. They were “discounted” down to $79.99. Who would buy these?

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