‘Godzilla’ (2014) first official trailer

The first official Godzilla trailer was released to the public. If you can accurately judge a movie by the trailer released five months before the premiere of the film, than Godzilla looks to be something worth watching. At the very least, it looks better than that awful Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie from the late 90′s. Here’s the trailer:

I’m not sure why the soldiers making the HALO jump have a flare strapped to one of their boots, but it certainly looks cool. Looking cool is important when it comes to a proper Godzilla movie, unless it’s the Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie. There was nothing proper about that ginormous bucket of cinematic suck.

The trailer only shows a smidge of the title character. When it comes to the Godzilla creature, the less it looks like a guy in a giant rubber suit, the less I like it. I’m totally old school when it comes to the Godzilla monster.

Godzilla comes out May 16, 2014.

DragonCon founder Ed Kramer pleads guilty to child molestation, gets house arrest

0427_LOC_Ed_Kramer_Court_2_t670DragonCon founder Ed Kramer’s child molestation trial was supposed to begin yesterday, instead, he reached a deal with the prosecutor that will allow him to avoid prison. Kramer plead guilty to three of the six counts he was charged with and will serve five years under house arrest. He also has to pay financial restitution to his victims, as if anyone can put a price on child rape.

It’s hard to understand why District Attorney Danny Porter would agree to a deal that results in only house arrest for a monster like Kramer. Porter did say that the deal saved the county and the state of Georgia tremendous expenditures. Kramer supposedly has numerous health problems that would require treatment and care in prison. That’s an awful reason not to put a child rapist in prison, because his medical expenses would be too expensive.

My guess is now that Kramer has successfully avoided prison, his health problems will quickly get better.

On a sidenote, remember in July when the organizers of DragonCon announced that they had finally cut ties with Kramer? Yeah, about that. According to Deadline Hollywood, Kramer was still receiving income last week as a 31% minority owner of DragonCon. What that means, among other things, is that if you went to DragonCon this past Labor Day weekend, you put money into the pockets of a now convicted child molester.

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ rakes in over $161 million opening weekend

catching_fire_movie_posterThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second movie based on the young adult series of books written by Suzanne Collins, ruled the box office this weekend, making over $161 million. That’s the best opening ever in the month of November. That’s the best opening ever for a non-3D movie. That’s the fourth largest opening weekend in movie history.

The original Hunger Games movie opened last year with $155 million.

We tried to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but couldn’t get tickets. Ever since Leitersburg Cinemas introduced VIP theaters, with assigned leather recliners for seats, I’ve found it impossible to go to the movies in a regular theater. At least when the alternative is the multiplex at the Valley Mall. I’d much rather wait to see it at the Leitersburg Cinemas. In fact, if I can’t see it at the Leitersburg Cinemas in a VIP theater, I’d much rather wait to see it on DVD.

I have high expectations for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I read the books and loved them. I watched the first movie, The Hunger Games, and didn’t care too much for it. I found it somewhat lacking when compared to the source material. I’m hoping the same is not true with the second movie.

‘Robotech: The Complete Set’ is only $39.96 at Walmart

51gb4FVH3ELRobotech: The Complete Set, a ginormous 20-disc box set containing remastered versions of all 85 episodes of the TV show and both Robotech movies, The Shadow Chronicles and Love Live Alive, was released by A&E Home Video on November 5.

The set has a suggested retail price of $89.98. For some reason, Walmart is selling it for only $39.96.

This price is only in the physical store. The price on the Walmart website is $84.98. They list the suggested retail price at $99.98.

This has to be a pricing error on the part of Walmart. When I purchased it this evening, the cashier asked if I wanted to pay for a two-year protection plan. I’ve never been asked this before when buying a DVD or a Blu-ray. I have to wonder if that was further indication there’s a problem with the listing within the Walmart pricing system.

When it comes to anime, Robotech is fairly significant. If owning all of it on DVD is a personal goal, you may want to get over to your local Walmart.

The trouble with reading a great book series

The trouble with reading a great book seriesI just finished reading everything there is to read in the science fiction series The Expanse, and I’m now going through withdrawals. I want to read more, but there isn’t anything (yet) to read. The series is written by James S.A. Corey, a pen name for two writers, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.

The series begins with three novels: Leviathan Wakes, Caliban’s War, and Abaddon’s Gate. There’s also two short stories published as e-books, The Butcher of Anderson Station and Gods of Risk. I read the two short stories after reading the three novels, but if I had things to do over, I would read Gods of Risk after reading Caliban’s War and before Abaddon’s Gate.

It’s hard for me to express with mere words how much I loved these stories. I’ve heard the series described as being space opera. It even appears on the first book’s cover in a blurb from R.R. Martin. I don’t really know what space opera means, so I’m hesitant to quantify it as that. On the surface, the term space opera seems kind of dismissive to me. All I know is that the series contains characters crafted in a way that make them feel as though they’re real people, flaws and all. The characters in The Expanse have layers that make them very human. I didn’t realize how true this was until I began reading Gods of Risk and a character from the second novel made an appearance. When they were introduced to the story, I realised how much I missed them, like they were a real, flesh and blood person.

The fourth novel in the series, Cibola Burn, isn’t scheduled for publication until June of 2014. That seems like a very long time. It’s as if my brain now wired for The Expanse, making the idea of reading something else not very appealing.

One thing I don’t really understand is why Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck wrote these stories using a pen name. It seems kind of weird to realize that one of my favorite authors, James S.A. Corey, isn’t even a real person.