Lex Luthor to join the Justice League


Every now and then, something happens that reminds me why I don't read current superhero comics anymore. Something is about to happen in the so-called New 52 universe that makes me wonder if the editors at DC Comics have been spending their days snorting horse tranquilizers. Considering the fact that DC Comics is moving its offices from New York, … [Read more...]

Scott Lobdell talks about the sexplotation of Starfire in a teen comic book

Comic book writer Scott Lobdell answered questions posed to him by readers of Comic Vine, a comic book blog. One of the questions asked pertained to the handling of Starfire, an orange skinned space alien with some rather unique views about sex. From Comic Vine: I think what HAS surprised me the most is the vulgar tone of the comments I’ve read. … [Read more...]