Image Comics’ apparent lack of creator diversity offends the Internet

Image Comics held its now annual Image Expo this past Thursday and the opening ceremony created a bit on an online controversy. When some of Image's creators were lined up on stage, people couldn't help but notice it wasn't a very diverse group of folks. Of the 19 people on stage, all but two were white guys. There appeared to be only two women and … [Read more...]

‘Star Wars’ comics to move from Dark Horse to Marvel in 2015

DH Star Wars Darth Maul

Lucasfilm announced yesterday in an official press release that Star Wars comics will be moving from Dark Horse Comics, where they've been published for the last 22 years, to Marvel Comics, beginning in 2015. If this sounds like a monumental decision on the part of Lucasfilm to jump ship from a publisher it has a long history of successful … [Read more...]

Marvel Comics to introduce a female Muslim superhero

Marvel Comics will be publishing a new Ms. Marvel series in February where the title character will be a Muslim-American young woman from New Jersey. Kamala Khan, born to parents from Pakistan, discovers she has the ability to change shape and takes on the code-name Ms. Marvel, in honor of Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel. The book will be … [Read more...]

Gary Friedrich and Marvel Comics settle over Ghost Rider differences


Comic book writer Gary Friedrich and Marvel Comics (Disney) have settled their differences over ownership of the Ghost Rider character. From Bleeding Cool, the comic book community's website of record: In a letter filed Friday to U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest by Friedrich’s lawyer, Charles Kramer, it is said that his client and Marvel … [Read more...]

The death of Peter Parker

The final issue of Amazing Spider-Man came out this week and it featured the death of Peter Parker, the secret identity of Spider-Man. Not only was Peter Parker killed off, it was done in the worst way imaginable: Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man's genius archenemy while laying in his death-bed in maximum security super-villain prison, was able to lure … [Read more...]