According to Chris Kluwe, over half of the 2012 Minnesota Vikings joked about little boys getting raped

Jacksonville Jaguars v Minnesota Vikings

One of the things the public learned from the report commissioned by the Minnesota Vikings regarding¬†allegations made by former punter Chris Kluwe in a post on Deadspin, was that Kluwe, heterosexual champion to all things gay rights related, enjoyed joking about boys being sexually assaulted. According to the report, Kluwe cut the seat out of his … [Read more...]

Chris Kluwe joked about child rape?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans

Remember Chris Kluwe? He's the former NFL punter who believed that he lost his job with the Minnesota Vikings because he campaigned in favor of gay marriage. He wrote a really long post on Deadspin where he chronicled his experiences with the Vikings and how they collectively tried to shut him up about the whole gay marriage thing. He called his … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania’s governor is suing the NCAA over Penn State sanctions

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA claiming that the organization overstepped its authority when it penalized Penn State over its mishandling of the Jerry Sandusky child rape scandal. The school was banned from bowl games for four years, had a massive reduction in scholarships, ordered to pay a $60 million fine, … [Read more...]

Turns out the NCAA takes a dim view on football programs that protect child rapists


NCAA President Mark Emmert announced sanctions the Penn State football program will be receiving for its role in the child sex scandal involving former defensive coach Jerry Sandusky. The penalties include: A $60 million fine. Banned from the post-season for the next four years. A reduction in scholarships from 25 to 15 a year for the next … [Read more...]

Not only was Joe Paterno a hypocrite, he was a deadbeat


The New York Times has reported that Joe Paterno worked out an amendment to his contract with Penn State the same month he testified in front of the grand jury about his friend and former Penn State defensive coach, pedophile rapist Jerry Sandusky. This amendment changed the contract Paterno had with Penn State, guaranteeing the coach $3 million … [Read more...]

Joe Paterno was an even worse person than many people feared


Former FBI director Louis Freeh released the report he and his investigative team conducted on the behalf of Penn State today. It turns out head coach Joe Paterno, as well as other university officials, knew former defensive coach Jerry Sandusky was a pedophile and failed to do anything about it as far back as 1998. Instead of stopping Sandusky and … [Read more...]