This is why I never pursued a career in avionics

Even though I spent nearly ten years in the United States Air Force working on airplanes and I have an associates degree in avionics, I’ve never tried to get a job in aerospace. This is exactly why. From today’s Herald-Mail: Northrop Grumman on Thursday warned its entire work force of 180 employees at its facility … Continue reading “This is why I never pursued a career in avionics”

Doctors suck and I don’t trust them

There’s an old joke about a guy going to his doctor to complain about pain in one of his arms. He demonstrates the problem to his doctor by lifting his arm above his head and twisting it a certain way. He says, “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” The man’s doctor looks at his … Continue reading “Doctors suck and I don’t trust them”

City of Hagerstown might examine unpopular sidewalk repair policy

Hagerstown’s City Council tonight is discussing whether or not to create a special task force to review the city’s unpopular curb and sidewalk policy. Currently, the city of Hagerstown requires the owner of the home in which a broken or damaged curb or sidewalk sits in front of to pay for the repair. These repairs … Continue reading “City of Hagerstown might examine unpopular sidewalk repair policy”

This is a top job?

Hagerstown’s local newspaper, The Herald-Mail, has a section on their website entitled “Top Jobs“. I think they simply republish on their website the jobs printed in the paper version of the newspaper, but I’m not sure. While looking over the website this morning, one of the ads caught my attention.  It’s for “exotic” dancers at … Continue reading “This is a top job?”

Why does Texas have the Space Shuttle on their license plate?

I was driving through Hagerstown the other day when I happened to notice the license plate of the car in front of me. Evidently the person was from Texas. At least their car was. It was a white plate with a tiny cowboy riding a horse. The was some oil derricks and some sage brush. … Continue reading “Why does Texas have the Space Shuttle on their license plate?”

The day Superboy came to Hagerstown and received a 21 BB gun salute

I never liked Superboy. That was even before I knew he was a paid shill for the National Rifle Association. I wonder if he would feel all warm and fuzzy over BB guns if these kids were shooting BB’s made from kryptonite. Then they might put his eye out. I somehow doubt it.