Peter Capaldi is the next Doctor


The new title character for Doctor Who was announced Sunday on live TV. His name is Peter Capaldi, he's 55 years old, and he's from Scotland. I think it's a good choice. It could have been a lot worse. I'm not sure I liked how the doctor was getting younger and younger with each regeneration. If they kept this going, before too long, the Doctor … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’


Saturday's episode of Doctor Who made me realize something about this season that I didn't know was even possible: An episode centered around the Daleks I enjoyed, Asylum of the Daleks, and an episode starring the Weeping Angels, The Angels Take Manhattan, that I didn't like. Saturday's episode of Doctor Who made the Weeping Angels look silly … [Read more...]

Ustream, more like U-don’t-stream

The 2012 Hugo Awards were announced last night at the 70th World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. The award show was being broadcast live over the Internet on Ustream. That is, until the people producing the award show had the audacity to play an actual clip from an episode of Doctor Who. The episode was up for an award. Ustream acted swiftly … [Read more...]