GamerGate may damage video games so badly, that they’ll end up like comic books?


Chris Suellentrop, of the New York Times, wrote an interesting piece concerning GamerGame, the online movement that seeks to bring about better ethics in video game journalism by intimidating and harassing female video game designers and critics. I think Suellentrop makes some valid points, but not when he compares video games to comics. From … [Read more...]

British man convicted of possessing sexualized Japanese cartoon images of children


A 39-year-old man in the UK was sentenced to nine months in prison for possessing Japanese Manga images, cartoons, depicting young girls, some in school uniforms, exposing themselves or taking part in sexual activity. Robul Hoque, of Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to ten counts of of possessing prohibited images of children. Judge Tony Briggs … [Read more...]

New York Comic Con is now bigger than San Diego Comic-Con


The New York Comic Con was held this past weekend, and thanks to Thursday now being a full-day, they were able to sell tickets to 151,000 unique individuals. This makes the New York Comic Con the largest, most attended comic convention in all of North America. The San Diego Comic-Con is now the second largest comic convention in all of North … [Read more...]

Marvel Comics is killing Wolverine!


I haven't been following the story lines in mainstream superhero comics lately, so it came somewhat of a surprise to me when I learned that Marvel Comics is killing off its most popular character, Wolverine. It's going to happen in a four-issue mini-series by writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven aptly titled, Death of Wolverine. I … [Read more...]

The economic reality of comic book conventions


Denise Dorman, wife of illustrator Dave Dorman, wrote a blog post about how attending comic book conventions as an industry professional is a money losing endeavor. According to Denise, people go to comic book conventions not to see artists like her husband and buy some of their work, but to see cosplayers, folks who dress up as characters from … [Read more...]

First rule of comic book shop rape room, don’t complain to owner about comic book shop rape room


On Saturday, August 30, Jennifer Williams took to Twitter and tweeted the following bit of wisdom: Dear male comic shop employees, do not EVER refer to your back room as the "rape" room. EVER. #comics #retail #rapeculture— Jennifer Williams (@JenWilliams13) August 30, 2014 Then, a few days later on Tuesday, Septemeber 2, she … [Read more...]