Turns out not only is Shia LaBeouf a terrible actor, he’s a thief

Shia LaBeouf, a talentless hack of an actor best known for the awful Transformer movies, directed a short film entitled about an online film critic, played by Jim Gaffigan. The film is an almost direct adaptation of a comic created by indy cartoonist Daniel Clowes, perhaps best known for Ghost World. The problem is, LaBeouf didn’t have permission from Clowes, nor did he give him any credit for the film.

LaBeouf just ripped him off.

According to his former girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, LaBeouf is a huge Daniel Clowes fan. At least he was back in 2012 when she said it.

I find it remarkable that Shia LaBeouf thought he could steal someone’s work and get away with it. It’s 2013, almost 2014. We don’t have flying cars, but we do have the World Wide Internet Web and because of that, it’s pretty easy to find out when someone plagiarizes someone else.

When LaBeouf was called out on his plagiarism, he took to Twitter and offered an apology. It turns out, he plagiarized his apology.

Of course he did.

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