Pretend artist Rob Granito has his comic book convention privileges revoked

This past weekend at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, comic book writer Mark Waid and comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver confronted pretend comic book artist Rob Granito over a comment he made about comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie, who died late last month. Granito posted a statement on Facebook claiming that he had worked with McDuffie and he implied that the two men were friends.

Granito never worked with McDuffie, nor were they friends. He simply made it up to help give himself credibility as a working professional in the comic book industry.

Waid and Van Sciver confronted Granito because they didn’t appreciate the fact that he was exploiting Dwayne McDuffie’s death for monetary gain. Granito makes money by claiming to be a professional comic book artist and then charging people money for original comic book themed art. Granito creates the art by tracing the work of others. He’s been doing this for years. If you’ve been to a comic book convention in the past several years, you’ve probably seen Granito sitting at a booth, peddling his awful looking fakes.

Mark Waid posted about the encounter on Facebook:

It’s just that when I heard that he’d tried to capitalize off Dwayne’s death, that was the last straw for me. I saw red and stormed over with Ethan. We were both livid. I told Fraudboy in no uncertain terms that I will personally contact every convention there is and warn them not to give him a table if they ever want to see me or MY friends there, EVER. I also screamed at him when he said “Well, truthfully–” that he is not allowed to use that word, ever, ever. That word means nothing coming from him.

I believe my exact endquote, two hours before the show closed, was, “Make your money here, because this is your last convention. Do you understand me? This is your last show.” That’s right, I was so pissed, I unilaterally appointed myself Sheriff of All Comicons. I should have a badge made.

I think my favorite moment was when this kid said to Ethan–after lying when asked if he’d actually claimed to have worked with Dwayne (a claim he ABSOLUTELY made)–“I just considered him a friend, same as I’d consider you a friend–” and Ethan growled “Let’s make this clear: I am NOT YOUR FRIEND.”

Dear Fraudboy: When you have comics’ leading leftwing socialist hippiefreak AND comics’ leading rightwing Nazi teaming up to smack you down, YOU HAVE F*CKED UP.

So there you have it. Rob Granito has officially had his funny book convention privileges revoked. When someone has prominent as Mark Waid tells you this is your last comic book convention, rest assured, this is indeed your last comic book convention. Wizard World has already announced that Rob Granito is now banned from their shows. You can expect all the rest to follow suit.

Let this be a lesson to douchbags everywhere. While it’s acceptable to go to a comic book convention and pretend that you are Spider-Man or Darth Vader, it’s not acceptable to pretend you are a comic book artist. Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver wont yell at you if you pretend to be a Klingon, but they will yell at you if you pretend to be a comic book artist.

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This post was published 4 years ago.

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