Paula Dean is a big fat racist?

I was shocked, shocked, to learn that Paula Dean, the fat old southern woman who teaches people to prepare food in ways all but guaranteed to cause type 2 diabetes, is a racist. Who would have ever guessed the woman who teaches people to make cheese burgers using glazed donuts likes to tell jokes using the N-word?

The National Enquirer reportedly has video of a deposition where Dean talks about wanting to hire black waiters so that she can dress them up as slaves. She also admits to telling jokes that involve the use of the N-word. She must have been telling the truth because she was under oath. She is being sued by a former employee for sexual and racial workplace discrimination. If there was ever a word that doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Paula Dean, it’s the word sexual.

Paula Dean is an awful person. For years, she taught people to prepare food that were unhealthy and terrible for them to eat, she then became a paid spokesperson for a type 2 diabetes drug. She first helped make people type 2 diabetic with her unhealthy style of cooking, she then reaped economic benefits from people needing to take medication for type 2 diabetes.

The more I think about it, the more I think it would be news if Paula Dean didn’t regularly use the N-word, not that she does.

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