Pastor Alois Bel is not a fan of automatic gratuities


Pastor Alois Bel of Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries church in St. Louis, Missouri, was part of a large group of patrons at a local Applebee’s. When the checks arrived, everyone in the party had an automatic 18 percent gratuity tacked on to their bill. The reason? Parties with more than eight people in them have a tip automatically added to the bill. Bell’s party had over twenty people in it, hence the automatic tip.

Bell didn’t like the fact that she was being asked to tip a whopping 18 percent of her bill. She took it upon herself to jot a quick note on the bill. She wrote, “I give God 10%, why do you get 18?” She then signed it as Pastor Alois Bel and left it for her server. Chelsea Welch, a waitress at Applebee’s, but not the one who served Pastor Bell and her party, took a photo of the receipt and posted it on reddit. tip-pastorAfter appearing on reddit, the above photo spread on the Internet and conventional media. When Paster Bell found out about the attention her message received, she did what any upstanding and respectable woman of God would do in a similar situation: she contacted Applebee’s and complained.

Chelsea Welch now is no longer employed by Applebee’s. It turns out posting a photo of a sarcastic message written by someone professing to be a pastor, left for a person making less than the minimum wage, is a fireable offense. It’s not that Pastor Bell had a problem with the service she received. She just didn’t think it should have been more than ten percent.

That’s what she tips God.

Personally, I like it when the tip is factored into the bill. It means I don’t have to do any math. I hate math.

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  1. t says

    What a joke. These servers make shit money, If they provided outstanding service they should get tipped. That’s how they make their money. People who don’t work in the hospitality business will never fully understand this. Before we started doing auto grats I would have a customer with a 300-1000 dollar bill and they would tip 5 dollars. What a joke. This Pastor is a joke.

This post was published 3 years ago.

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