Adam Carolla fires Alison Rosen


Podcaster Adam Carolla decided to part ways with long-time "news girl" Alison Rosen from his podcast, The Adam Carolla Show. He did the termination in a very typical Adam Carolla way, he did it in an email. Considering that Carolla is functionally illiterate, he most likely had to have someone ...

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Intel to spend $300 million on diversity


Intel, the world's leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips, announced Tuesday that it will be investing $300 million over the next three years to diversify its workforce. The company hopes to increase the number of non-white men and non-Asian men by 14 percent. According to CEO Brian Krzanich, ...

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ESPN takes on #GamerGate


Outside the Lines, a news program on ESPN, covered the subject of #GamerGate, the leaderless movement against unethical video game journalism. At least that's what it is supposed to be about, if you listen to the supporters of the movement. In reality, it's actually about railing against feminists ...

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How to create a child theme for Twenty Fifteen


If your self-hosted WordPress site is running WordPress 4.1, it comes with a really nice default theme, Twenty Fifteen. As nice as it is, you will most likely want to make some slight changes or additions to the theme. Instead of making these changes to the real Twenty Fifteen theme, you'll need to ...

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