Free Comic Book Day 2015


Tomorrow, May 2, is Free Comic Book Day. It’s the one day a year you can go to your local comic book shop and get free comics. The comics are special issues made specifically for this event. Even though Hagerstown, the city in which I live, once again has a comic book shop that is […]

Did Freddie Gray hurt himself?


The Washington Post is reporting that Freddie Gray may have tried to hurt himself while riding in the back of the Baltimore Police van. Another prisoner who was riding in the same van as Gray, but separated by a metal divider and unable to see him, told police investigators that he could hear Gray “banging […]

Brianna Wu had blogger removed from RavenCon panel for taking her picture


RavenCon, a science fiction and fantasy convention, is taking place this weekend in Richmond, Virginia. One of the guests is Brianna Wu, iPhone game developer and vocal critic of GamerGate, the leaderless consumer revolt against unethical behavior in the video games industry. Wu claims GamerGate is a hate group and that she has received over […]