Sprint vs. RockstarFlipper

Casey Parris, known on YouTube as RockstarFlipper, publishes videos about his eBay business. He buys clothing and other things at Goodwill, yard sales, pawn shops, etc. and then sells them on eBay for a profit. He appears to be good at selling things on eBay. He famously drives a BMW i8 sportscar, an automobile that costs around $150,000. According to his videos, he drives this high-performance, luxury vehicle to yard sales and Goodwill, in pursuit of his treasures to sell on eBay. Continue reading Sprint vs. RockstarFlipper

Adam Carolla needs to stop lying about Stamps.com

The Adam Carolla Show, a daily podcast hosted by Adam Carolla, features live read ads throughout the show.  One of the more regular ad spots is for Stamps.com, a service that allows you to buy and print postage from your computer.

The United States Post Office also allows you to do the same thing on their website. The difference being that Stamps.com charges $15.99 per month for the privilege, while the USPS lets you buy and print postage free. Continue reading Adam Carolla needs to stop lying about Stamps.com

A Darth Vader helmet fit for Donald Trump

There’s no denying our Commander in Chief has a weird fascination with gold. That’s why this Darth Vader helmet would be perfect for him. It’s made from 24-karat gold and weighs a whopping 33 pounds. If he wants it, he’ll need to go to Ginza Tanaka in Tokyo on May 4 and fork over $1.4 million for it.

If that’s too much money, maybe he can get Mexico to pay for it.