Pakistan blocks all sites

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, the official government agency responsible for all telecommunications in Pakistan, has “temporarily” blocked all websites hosted on

Self-hosted WordPress websites aren’t affected. Consider this one more reason you should always host your own website. If you’re not hosting your own website, it’s not your website. It belongs to whatever is hosting it, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

Why did Pakistan do this? Nobody knows really, except of course the government of Pakistan. Probably somebody with a website wrote something disparaging about the prophet Mohammad or that Pakistan’s cricket team sucks.

Maybe it was a combination of these two things.

FIFA move Qatar 2022 World Cup to winter

FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, announced yesterday that the 2022 World Cup will be a winter World Cup. The final will be played on December 18, a week before Christmas.

The World Cup in normally played over the course of 32 days in June and July, a month before European professional football clubs begin their seasons. A winter World Cup will mean these leagues have to either shut down in the middle of their seasons or allow their best players leave and play for their respective countries.  The 2022 World Cup will also need to be shortened to 28 days.

What a mess.

The 2022 World Cup can’t be played in the summer because it will be held in Qatar, smack-dab in the middle east. Daytime temperatures can reach 115 degrees in the summer. Not only is it too hot in Qatar in June and July to play soccer, it’s too hot to even watch soccer.

Qatar is a terrible place to hold a World Cup, and not just because of the oppressive heat. Qatar is governed by Sharia law. Yes, Qatar is one of those countries. Women in Qatar are treated like property. For example, if a Muslim woman has sexual relations with a non-Muslim man, the punishment is death.

Most manual labor in Qatar is done by foreigners from poor countries. Foreign workers in Qatar are treated like slaves. Upon arriving to Qatar, their passports are collected by their employers and they cannot leave until their employer say they can leave.

Qatar, like most of its geographical neighbors, is a terrible, awful place, especially for westerners or other people whose feet stand firmly in the 21st century. The idea that it would be chosen to host a World Cup is ridiculous.

FBI question YouTuber MrRepzion over Anita Sarkeesian threat

MrRepzion, the 23-year-old host of a semi-popular YouTube channel, was visited by two agents of the FBI yesterday about a threat made against feminist Anita Sarkeesian, professional critic of people who play popular video games. According to a video published yesterday by MrRepsion, the FBI agents told him the threat was from last October and involved a speaking engagement Sarkeesian was supposed to appear at.

The FBI agents read the entire email to MrRepzion so he could properly answer if he sent the threat or not. According to MrRepzion, the threat was signed with his name, MrRepzion.

Something tells me that’s not his real name.

Sarkeesian was supposed to speak at Utah State University last October, but had to cancel because she received a death threat.

Was this that threat?

At the time of the incident, both the police and school officials said the threat wasn’t credible. If this was that threat, now I see why. If the person making the threat against Anita Sarkeesian signed their name as MrRepzion, the name of a person with their own YouTube show, the threat was many things, credible was not one of them.

That might be the reason Anita Sarkeesian never told anyone last October that the threat that stopped her from speaking at Utah State University was from a YouTuber named MrRepzion. In fact, she told the New York Times that the treat came from someone claiming to be Marc Lépine, a dead mass-murderer who shot and killed 14 women in Canada in 1989. Why did she not tell the Times that the threat came from MrRepzion?

shoppingMrRepzion doesn’t seem very intimidating. He does a YouTube show with a plush Pokémon Pikachu toy in the background. He drinks half-and-half on camera to help him gain weight.

Anita Sarkeesian was scared off from speaking by this guy? Sucks to be her. has terrible customer service

Saturday, March 14, I ordered a pair of Air Max 90 Essential shoes directly from the website. They were on sale. They normally sold for $110 and I got them for $64.97, plus $8.00 shipping. I was told in an email to expect them on March 18.

It’s March 18 and instead of receiving my shoes, I received this email from has terrible customer service - Bent Corner

What a bunch of jerks. Why do they wait four days to tell me they don’t have the shoes they sold me on Saturday? I was expecting to get my shoes today. Instead of getting my shoes, I got a generic email composed by a soulless robot.

I have a hard enough time buying shoes in my size (I wear size 15) without being sold shoes that don’t really exist.

nike,com,shoes Even if doesn’t have this specific colorway anymore, it’s not like they don’t have other Air Max 90 Essential’s for sale in my size. They screwed up. They could have offered to make it right by offering a different pair of Air Max 90 Essential shoes in a different colorway. Instead, they wait four days to tell me they don’t have what they sold me, and they just cancel it.

I love Nike shoes, but is awful.

DC Comics caves, will not publish ‘Batgirl’ #41 variant cover

A variant cover for Batgirl #41 has some Twitter-people up in arms over the depiction of the Joker with Batgirl. The Joker has his arm around her with a rather large gun in his hand and he’s painting a joker smile on her face. Barbara Gordon, the woman behind the Batgirl mask, looks understandably scared.

It’s a powerful image. It’s an homage to Batman: The Killing Joke, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by enemy of free speech, Brian Bolland.

This cover was commissioned from Brazilian artist Rafael Albuquerque.

To say this cover triggered some Twitter and Tumblr outrage is perhaps an understatement. People outraged by the art even created their own hashtag, #changethecover.

DC Comics has canceled the cover, supposedly at the artist’s request in response to the outrage.

Non-variant cover artwork for “Batgirl” #41.

I can’t imagine demanding that something I don’t like be canceled or changed. If I don’t like the cover to a book or what’s inside the book, I simply don’t buy the book. It wouldn’t even occur to me to demand that it not be published so that other people can’t have it.

That seems like censorship.

Now that DC Comics has bowed to the whim of an angry hashtag, you can expect this type of crap to happen more often. People who want to censor art, thanks to DC Comics, now have the false-perception of power.

If I were in charge at DC Comics, I would have made the Joker artwork the regular, non-variant cover. I would have made the regular cover the variant cover.

That’s how you respond to people who want to censor art: you politely listen to their demands, then do the complete opposite.