Alex Ross does variant cover for ‘Life With Archie’

live-with-archie-alex-rossEvidently Archie Comics publishes more than one comic book series based on Archie and his friends. This July, there will be one less series in publication. Life With Archie, a series that takes place sometime in the future when Archie and his cohorts are grown-up and graduated, is coming to a close. Not only are they ending the series, they’re killing off Archie.

I don’t know how they’re doing it, killing off Archie, but my vote would be for Archie to contract Hepatitis C off a bus station restroom toilet seat. They could even work out a sponsorship deal with a company that makes those disposable paper toilet seat covers.

At least I’ve always assumed they were disposable.

To commemorate the final issue, and the death of its title character, Archie Comics commissioned various artists to do special covers. This cover by Alex Ross is kind of creepy. Archie looks like a serial killer, or worse, a Jimmy Buffett fan. Betty and Veronica look like are snarling at each other. Oddly enough, Jughead looks like the most normal person in the bunch.

Ultimate Warrior 1959 – 2014

Only days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, The Ultimate Warrior has died. He was 54.

He was born James Brian Hellwig, but legally changed his name to Warrior in 1993. He’s survived by a wife and two daughters.

Warrior and the WWE had been on the outs for years. There were lawsuits back and forth, mostly over who owned the Ultimate Warrior persona. In 2005, the WWE released a video, The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior, that basically trashed Warrior and his legacy. In his HOF speech Saturday night at the Silverdome Superdome and televised live on the WWE Network, Warrior referenced the video, among other things, and pointed out that the video was “just wrong” and that he wasn’t a bad guy.

He’s now dead.

I’m sure more information will come out as to why he died. No matter the reason for his untimely death, it’s sad. Not only did the WWE induct Warrior into its HOF, they signed him to a multi-year ambassadorship contract, ensuring that the Ultimate Warrior and the WWE were going to have a positive, active relationship for years to come.

Update: Deadspin has a article on James Hellwig and it points out that he was “basically a crazy jerk.”

The real reason some people are poor

The real reason some people are poor
Trisha Lovetrove, a blogger at The Huffington Post, wrote a post about having to lie to her local food bank about why she was in need of free food. When I first read the post, I nearly thought it was something satirical from The Onion. It’s not.

From the post:

See, that’s the problem. My husband has a job — a good job considering the economy and our location. I take on small jobs as I can find them to work from home, or where I’m able to take my youngest with me. And yet when it comes down to all of our bills — utilities, rent, insurance, gasoline, medication, clothes and those unpredictable mishaps that seem to plague low-income families — we just don’t have enough left over to feed us all. We are working — but we’re just barely making it. All of our bills have set amounts that must be paid for us to keep our other necessities. How much we spend on food any given week is the only thing I can control.

Trisha Lovetrove doesn’t have a job, not really. She states she’s only willing to take “small” jobs that she can either work at home or take her youngest child with her. With those restrictions, it’s a wonder she’s able to find any type of work. She says that her husband has a “good” job, If you go to her personal Blogger blog, you find out that her husband commutes an hour each way for a job that pays less than $13 an hour.

That’s not a good job.

Plus, the cost of gas, let alone general wear and tear, makes commuting that far economically unfeasible.

The main reason Trisha Lovetrove and her husband are poor is because they decided to have two children before they could afford them. She wouldn’t need to lie to a food bank, let alone use one, if she didn’t have two children to care for. Without children, she could go out and get a full-time job. Without children, she wouldn’t have any excuses for not seeking regular, full-time employment.

People should only have children when they can afford them. It seems simple and obvious, but unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be.

Why would anyone enjoy killing a duck?

For about a week now, a couple of ducks, one male and one female, have been hanging out in our backyard. The female will walk around finding stuff to eat while the male stands watch protecting her.

I enjoy watching them from the computer room window. I think they’re magnificent and beautiful creatures. I have to wonder why some people enjoy killing them.

I just don’t get that. If my hobby involved killing defenseless animals, especially animals as awesome as ducks, I’d find a new hobby.

If you’re thinking of getting MLB.TV, don’t waste your money
I subscribed to MLB.TV at the beginning of this year’s baseball season, like I did last year. For less than $25 a month, among other things, I get to watch Los Angeles Dodgers games on either my TV via my Roku streaming player or on a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

I really enjoyed having it last year. This year, not so much.

I’ve watched two games on my TV via the Roku, one live and one the day after and the picture quality wasn’t as good as I remember it being last year. It’s billed as being HD, but it seems somewhat pixellated. I don’t remember any issues with the picture quality last year. the computer, it just doesn’t work. I woke up early this morning and tried to watch yesterday’s home opener against the San Francisco Giants. It took forever for the game to load. It showed that it was loading at 33% for at least 10 minutes. When it finally did load, I was able to watch only the beginning of the first inning and then the game just disappeared. The player went to a black screen. It’s been that way now for at least 30 minutes.

I don’t know why MLB.TV doesn’t work like it did last year. I have to wonder if the WWE Network has something to do with it. MLB Advanced Media, the limited partnership made up of baseball club owners, handles everything Internet related for MLB, including the streaming of games. They’re also providing the streaming services to the new WWE Network.

I thought I might have better luck installing the MLB.TV app for Windows 8. I installed the app, but before I could even try to watch yesterday’s game, the outcome was completely ruined for me:
I don’t know if there’s a way to turn the score off so that it doesn’t spoil the game’s outcome, but at this point, I really don’t care. I will be cancelling MLB.TV, and I guess, going back to watching Orioles games like a regular person living in western Maryland.