Wizard World acquires Pittsburgh Comic Con


Wizard World has acquired Pittsburgh Comic Con, the annual comic book convention held in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. This means that if you attend the Pittsburgh Comic Con, you won't be financially supporting a man who was (twice) convicted of murdering his wife. Michael and Renée George, owners ...

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Twenty Fifteen is not that great


Last December, I wrote a post where I proclaimed that Twenty Fifteen, the new default theme for WordPress, was awesome and wonderful. I even made a comparison to Arthur Fonzarelli looking in the mirror. As it turns out, Twenty Fifteen is less like The Fonz and more like Potsie. Go to Pingdom ...

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I now remember why I dislike Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

I was listening to The B.S. Report yesterday, a podcast from ESPN and hosted by Bill Simmons. Even though the podcast is supposed to be about sports, for some unfathomable reason, Simmons had Lena Dunham on as a guest. Lena Dunham has nothing to do with sports. I don't think she's ever even watched ...

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Why Adam Carolla fired Alison Rosen


Adam Carolla, host of iTune's 33rd most popular audio podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, spent some time on a recent podcast episode explaining why he fired former "news girl" Alison Rosen. The episode was posted on January 12, 2015 and is entitled ACS: Anthony Cumia. Here are the reasons Adam ...

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First Data no longer supports Linkpoint Connect 1.0


If you have an e-commerce website that still uses First Data's Linkpoint Connect 1 method of integration and you wish to continue processing credit cards, you will need to make a change. First Data no longer supports Linkpoint Connect 1.0. The payment form URL has been turned off. It will never ...

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