Sean Penn: ‘Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?’

Sean Penn: 'Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?' - Bent Corner
Evidently the 2015 Oscars were last night and Sean Penn made a remark about Birdman director Alejandro G. Iñárritu and his immigration status. Iñárritu is from Mexico. Before announcing that Birdman won for Best Picture, Penn remarked, “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?

I’m guessing it was meant to be a joke. I guess this is what happens when Sean Penn makes a joke that wasn’t written for him.

A green card is something some people who come here from another country get that allows them to get a job in the United States. At least legally that is. Essentially, if you are a non-citizen in the United States and you want to legally work here, you need to obtain a green card. Millions of non-citizens get jobs here without a green card. It means, among other things, they are then working here illegally.

People almost immediately went to Twitter to register their outrage. It’s 2015 and that’s what people do now when someone says something that offends them, they go to Twitter. Here are some of the angry tweets:

For what it’s worth, Penn and Iñárritu are friends. The two worked together on the 2003 film, 21 Grams. I don’t know if it makes a difference with the angry Twitter users. It probably doesn’t. Why let facts get in the way of being able to call someone you don’t know a racist?

Brianna Wu looks for someone to ‘throw down’ at PAX East

If you have a very particular set of skills, skills you have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make you a nightmare for people who make threats on Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet, than iPhone game developer Brianna Wu has an offer for you. She’s seeking someone to attend PAX East, a giant gaming convention in Boston organized by the folks at Penny Arcade, to serve as security for her and her iPhone game design company, Giant Spacekat (CSX).

The person needs to be a gamer (why?) and willing to “throw down” if called upon. She will provide a badge.

Here’s a screen grab from her Twitter post:

There’s many, many reasons it’s hard to take anything coming from Brianna Wu very seriously. This is one of those reasons.

If she truly needed security she would privately seek out the professional services of a licensed, and more importantly, bonded, security service. She wouldn’t just go on Twitter and troll for someone willing to “throw down” if called upon. Also, that’s not the way private security works. The function of private security is to get between the client and the threat and to immediately get the client away from the threat. The goal is to put time and space between the threat and the client, it’s not to engage or “throw down” with the threat.

She’s since taken down the tweet. I don’t know if this means she realized it was a bad idea to troll Twitter for private security guards, or if it was because he was able to find people to for her private security team and she simply doesn’t need anyone else.

TLDR episode number 45

TLDR, a podcast about the internet hosted by Meredith Haggerty and produced by WNYC Radio, ran an episode two weeks ago about Vivek Wadhwa, a male advocate for women in tech. The episode was #45 and entitled Quiet, Wadhwa.

The episode has since been removed by WNYC Radio. They have posted the following in its place:

WNYC decided to remove this episode, because it centered on an internet debate about author Vivek Wadhwa and we failed a basic test of fairness: we did not invite him to comment. We are planning a follow-up that will address both the original issue and the ensuing conversation around the removal of the episode. We are keenly aware of the discussion out there and will release the new piece as soon as it is ready.

Even though the original episode was removed by NYC Radio, it’s still available other places, because that’s the way the Internet works. Here is the entire episode via Sticher.

TLDR.episode.45I listened to the original episode when it first appeared in my iTunes feed. I thought it was… strange that the episode was all about Vivek Wadhwa, yet Haggerty didn’t even bother to talk to Vivek Wadhwa. Instead, Haggerty spoke with Amelia Greenhall,  a vocal critic of Wadhwa.

I wouldn’t even say that Heggerty interviewed Greenhall about Wadhwa. To use the word interview implies that there is at least some neutrality with the interviewee. This seemed more like a conversation between to like-minded people about a subject they were in complete agreement on.  For example, throughout the episode, Heggerty can be heard laughing with Greenhall about Wadhwa.

The worse part was how Haggerty and Greenhall seemed to imply that Wadhwa was a sexual predator of women. Haggerty spoke about Wadhwa’s “tendency to DM.” A DM is a Twitter direct message, a Twitter message that only the person you’re sending it to can read. Greenhall said, “It’s really creepy when a man you don’t know goes into your DM’s, it’s really this kind of nonconsensual, like, let’s go over here where people can’t see you criticizing me and then I can talk to you there.

Greenhall used the words creepy and then nonconsensual in the same sentence to describe a man’s private communication with a woman. The word nonconsensual is a loaded word. It’s almost always used in conjunction with something sexual.

Heggerty then followed up with what Greenhall said by saying, “It really feels like the Twitter DM can be like that hand on the knee of like social communication.

They didn’t stop there. Greenhall then talked about how Wadhwa will go into a “private channel” with women and invite them to come meet him in person at Stanford in his office. She described it as, “Being kind of like, come over here and sit on my lap.”


I see why WNYC Radio tried to delete TLDR episode number 45 from the Internet, but that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of it works. This episode isn’t going anywhere. If I was Vivek Wadhwa, I’d absolutely livid with WNYC Radio for allowing this episode to be released without editing out the irresponsible and unnecessary inflammatory parts.

It was sloppy journalism.

If this is how an advocate for women in tech can be treated, I’d hate to see how an opponent would be treated. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Vivek Wadhwa before this episode. I just don’t understand why he deserved to be treated this way by WNYC Radio.

Update: I didn’t see this before, but responded to the TLDR episode in detail on Venture Beat.  Now I really don’t understand WNYC Radio.

12-inch deluxe Heisenberg ‘Breaking Bad’ figure

Threezero, the Hong Kong based maker of upscale, high-end action figures, announced a new line of figures based on characters from the TV show Breaking Bad. The first figure to be released will be Heisenberg, the bad-ass alter-ego of high school science teacher turned crystal meth cook extraordinaire, Walter White.

You can pre-order this hyper-realistic 12-inch figure for only $150 at the official threezero website beginning February 24th at 9:00 AM Hong Kong Time, or if you live on the east coast of the United States like I do, February 23rd at 8:00 PM.

The figure comes with lots of accessories, including:

  • Exchangeable hands for holding gun
  • Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Pork-pie hat
  • Black windbreaker
  • Pistol
  • Five stacks of blood money
He dreams of the day when he will have Kung Fu grip.

Dreaming of the day when he will have Kung Fu grip.

I feel like this figure was designed just for me. I’m a huge fan of Breaking Bad and I grew up playing with 12-inch G.I. Joe figures. My G.I. Joe’s came with clothing made from fabric and they stood 12-inches tall, like this awesome looking Heisenberg figure.

That said, I wont be buying one of these. As much as a like it, $150 is too much to spend on a G.I. Joe. And it’s not like it would be a one-time thing. If you buy a 12-inch Heisenberg figure, you’re going to need to also buy a 12-inch Jesse figure when it comes out. Then, you’ll need to buy a 12-inch Mike, Saul, Hank, and all the other great characters from Breaking Bad. You’ll even need to shell out money for a 1/6 scale Pontiac Aztek.

That’s a lot of money to be sending to our economic overlords in China.

Bruce Jenner knew she was a woman since she was five

Bruce Jenner knew she was a woman since she was five - Bent CornerBruce Jenner, former Olympic champion and current reality TV star, reportedly told her family that she has known she was a woman since she was five years old.

This means, among other things, that when she competed in the 1976 Summer Olympics, she should have competed as a woman, not a man. Jenner won the gold in the men’s decathlon. As a very wise straight white man once pointed out, if you’re a straight white male, you’re going through life at the lowest difficulty setting there is. Jenner was pretending to be something she was not, a straight white male. She was getting an easier path because of it. That’s not fair. Jenner should be striped of her medal and it should be awarded to the man who came in second place, Guido Kratschmer of Germany.

Unless Kratschmer is now a woman too. If that’s the case, someone will have to go to Wikipedia and figure out who came in third place in the men’s decathlon and give him the gold medal.

It’s strange that she didn’t let the fact that she was a woman stop her from marrying other women, seemingly straight women, three separate times. Being a woman also didn’t stop her from fathering six children. I’d think that when you realize you’re a woman at age five, you should probably refrain from fathering multiple children.

It’s not very ladylike.