Nothing shows how happy you are better than snapping a Nazi salute

Greek midfielder Giorgos Katidis of AEK Athens celebrated a 84th minute, go-ahead goal against visiting Veria by whipping off his shirt and snapping a crisp Nazi salute. It’s OK though because the 20-year-old supposedly doesn’t know anything about politics and/or the meaning behind the salute. At least that’s what German Ewald Lienen, his coach had to say about the salute.

In Katidis’ defense, if his choice in body ink is any indication, I wouldn’t underestimate his level of ignorance. Is it hard to believe a Greek man who would get the phrase, “Get Rich or Die Trying” in English tattooed around his pelvic region doesn’t have a deep knowledge of 20th century history?

I think not.

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This post was published 2 years ago.

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