New Orleans Hornets unveil new name, colors, and awful looking logo

The New Orleans Hornets, formally known as the Charlotte Hornets, yesterday unveiled its new name, color scheme, and logo. Beginning next season, the team will be known as the New Orleans Pelicans and it will employ a much different color scheme. Gone will be the teal and purple, instead it will be red, gold, and blue.

If the new logo and color scheme strikes you has being ugly, it’s because it is. Seriously, how do you ditch the awesome teal and purple of the old Charlotte Hornets and go with red, gold, and blue?

Though I like the fact that they’re changing the name and logo to a pelican, I don’t like how they’ve depicted the pelican in the team’s new awful color scheme. It looks bad. Pelicans don’t have gold wings and red beaks.

At least healthy pelicans don’t.

A better choice of a new color scheme would have been black and gold, the same color combo used by the New Orleans Saints. I like it when a city’s sports teams all share the same colors. For instance, all of Pittsburgh’s professional sports teams, the Steelers, the Penguins, and the Pirates, all share the same colors. It creates a nice synergy and if nothing else, it allows rabid fans to save some money on face paint.

Hopefully this means the Charlotte Bobcats can change their name to the Hornets and employ the teal and purple of the old Hornets. If there was ever a better color combo in the NBA, I don’t remember it.
See what I mean? It’s a good look that any team should want. Why would New Orleans get rid of this?

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