New England Patiots sign Tim Tebow

tebowThe New England Patriots will sign Tim Tebow in time for him to attend a mandatory team minicamp tomorrow. At least that’s what ESPN’s Ed Werder is saying. Until Fox Sports Jay Glazer says it’s so, it’s just a rumor.

With that said, it’s an interesting development. I’ve never really understood why Tebow can’t play in the NFL. At the University of Florida, he won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore and the national championship as a junior. As a collegiate athlete, he set numerous NCAA, SEC, and University of Florida statistical records.

I’ve often heard and read that he can’t throw the ball at the professional level even though he is ranked second in career passing efficiency (67.1%) in the top division of the NCAA. I don’t get that. I don’t get how someone can throw the ball with a 67.1% completion rating at one of college football’s top conferences and somehow is not an NFL quarterback.

That just doesn’t make sense and like Judge Judy says, if something doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true.

Say what you will about Tim Tebow in the NFL, he’s the last quarterback to win a playoff game for the Denver Broncos. That’s something Peyton Manning can’t say. At least not yet.

I wish Tebow lots of luck. Though there are many people who don’t like him and want him to fail, I am not one of them.

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