NASCAR race ends in horrific wreak injuring spectators

The first race of the Nationwide series, the minor league racing series run by NASCAR, ended in a horrific crash that injured at least 33 spectators when debris from the wreak flew into the stands at the Daytona International Speedway. None of the injuries are thought to be life-threatening.

Rookie Kyle Larson, the 20-year-old Japanese-American driver of the Turner Scott Motorsports number 32, was caught in a wreak in turn four, causing his car to go airborne and parts of it to fly through the simple chain-link catch fence protecting spectators. The fact that nobody was killed, not the driver and no any of the spectators, is really a miracle.

If nothing else, this wreak shows there’s a need for something more than a simple chain-link fence to protect spectators. Maybe they need two chain-link fences at Daytona.

This just shows how incredibly dangerous NASCAR racing can be, not just for the drivers, but for the people watching the race. Of the people injured yesterday, I wonder how many of them didn’t even want to be there, but were there only because of a spouse or a significant other. I imagine yesterday’s wreak will be used in arguments for years to come.

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