Merry Christmas!

Another year down, another Christmas. Thanks to yesterday’s weather, we here in Hagerstown will have a white Christmas. That is, until the Sun comes up and melts everything. The Sun can be a real jerk sometimes. When it’s not giving people skin cancer, it’s melting Christmas snow.

Retailers are already starting to whine about low sales. I might me wrong, but it seems to me that they always complain about low sales. No matter how many people pack the malls and buy stuff, it never seems to be good enough for our nation’s retailers. Go figure.

Even though we shipped my family’s presents on December 15, the good people at UPS wont be delivering the package until possibly Wednesday. The reason? First the package was held up in the Midwest because of weather. Imagine that, bad weather in the Midwest! Then, when they tried to deliver the package yesterday, they couldn’t figure out the address. Even though the package was labeled with the correct address, the address in the computer system had two numbers wrong. Instead of looking at the actual package for the correct address, Sheri had to call UPS last night and tell them what it was. Ho Ho Ho. This will be the last time we ship anything with the United Parcel Service.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Patty from Quartz Hill says

    I have it on good authority that your peeps won’t mind one bit getting an “extra Christmas” when those presents arrive! (After all, is it your fault that they have such a weird address?) :)

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