Manny Machado injures knee, not as bad as initially feared

Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado was carted off the field after injuring his left knee while running to first base Monday night on the road against Tampa Bay Rays. It was initially believed that he suffered a major knee injury. He’s now expected to be out only six to eight weeks with a torn medial ligament. Of all the ligaments you could tear, the medial is probably the most preferred. It’s a small ligament that keeps the kneecap from sliding side to side.

If you’ve ever been grateful that your kneecaps don’t slide side to side, thank your medial ligaments.

Machando’s injury wont require surgery, just rest and strengthening exercises. He should be ready to play baseball by the start of spring training.

I’ve always felt sorry for players who get injured at the end of the season. The Orioles have already been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I imagine at this point, players are looking forward to the offseason where they’ll finally be free to do what they want on a daily basis. Machando now can’t really do that. Rehabing his knee now has priority over everything. That has to suck if Machando was planning on a fancy European vacation or a trip to Tahiti.

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