‘Magic: The Gathering’ the movie

20th Century Fox has acquired the movie rights to Magic: The Gathering, the popular fantasy-themed collectible card game. The studio has put Simon Kinberg in charge of the project. He will work with executives from Hasbro, the company that owns Wizards of the Coast, the company the makes Magic: The Gathering.

Concidering just how incredibly unimaginative the movie industry is, it’s really quite surprising Magic: The Gathering hasn’t been tapped (pun intended) as a vehicle for a movie franchise before now. That’s not to say I wont watch the movie, if it ever ends up actually getting made. I am a nerd that likes epic fantasy. I also used to play Magic Online, the online version of Magic: The Gathering and I still enjoy collecting the actual physical, paper cards.

So yes, I will definitely watch a Magic: The Gathering movie.

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