Lone gunman kills seven people in Wisconsin Sikh temple

A lone gunman went into an Oak Creek, Wisconsin Sikh temple yesterday and began shooting people. He killed six and critically wounded three others. One of the wounded is a police officer. The shooter, a bald white man approximately 40 years old, was shot and killed by the police. Because of the shooter’s tattoos, authorities are treating the attack as an act of domestic terrorism. Evidently the tattoos were white supremacist in nature.

People who practice the Sikh religion are often mistaken for Muslims, especially by stupid people. Sikh men wear turbans and grow beards. The woman wear head scarfs. The religion was founded in the 15th century in India. There are around 30 million people worldwide who practice the faith, most living in India.

Authorities recovered a single semiautomatic handgun at the scene which is believed to have belonged to the shooter.

It was only two weeks ago that James Holmes opened fire in a packed Aurora, Colorado movie theater and killed 12 people and wounded dozens more. He too was armed with semiautomatic weaponry. Could this become the new normal? Every couple of weeks, some weirdo is just going to start shooting people? I understand that the United States Constitution affords people like Holmes and this Wisconsin shooter the right to semiautomatic weaponry, even though weapons like this didn’t exist when the Constitution was written, but what about the rest of us? The Declaration of Independence states that we have a right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” How can a person enjoy life and liberty and pursue happiness when violent asshats like Holmes or this Wisconsin terrorist are shooting them?

They can’t.

UPDATE: Authorities have identified the gunman as 40-year-oldĀ Wade Michael Page. May he rot in Hell.

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