Juwan Howard is now a two-time NBA champian

2013 NBA Finals - Game Seven
I awoke this morning to see a photo on my computer screen of LeBron Raymone James kissing the NBA Championship trophy. I was able to conclude from this image that the Heat must have beat the Spurs last night. That sucks.

I don’t like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, or Chris Andersen. I like Ray Allen and Shane Battier (more or less), but not as much as I like Juwan Howard. It makes me happy to know that Juwan Howard is now a two-time NBA champion, even if it means the same can be said about LeBron James. My admiration and respect for Juwan Howard counteracts the dislike I feel for James. It’s because of this feeling about Howard I can be happy the Heat won another championship. Granted, he didn’t play or even dress for the game last night, but he was a member of the team this season, so he gets a ring.

Good for him.

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