Judd Winick must not be a cat owner

I picked up Catwoman #1 this past weekend and if anything, I thought it was actually worse than what people on the Internets were saying. Written by Judd Winick and penciled by Guillem March, Catwoman #1 is truly an awful comic. The writing is bad, the art is ridicules, and even the lettering is sloppy and hard to read.

As bad as the gratuitous, make-out session between Catwoman and Batman was at the end of the book, the most absurd thing for me was found on the very first page. We see Selina Kyle, Catwoman, in the process of quickly leaving her apartment because some skull-faced thugs are breaking down the door.

In one hand Catwoman is holding a cat carrier crammed with at least seven adult cats. In her other hand, she is holding another adult cat by the back of the neck.

Not only is this stupid, it is animal abuse.

Whoever thinks that seven adult cats can be put into a cat carrier has obviously never had to put one cat in a cat carrier. Putting that many cats into a single carrier simply cannot be done. Cats don’t like to go into cat carriers. Making a cat do something it doesn’t want to do is one of the most difficult things a person can do.

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows you do not pick up an adult cat up by the back of the neck. Though this can be safely done to a kitten, an adult cat is far too heavy for this. Doing this to an adult cat would injury it and cause it a lot of pain.

If Judd Winick wrote this exact scene in the script, he must not have ever owned a cat. That would be weird. It would be like someone writing a Ragman book who’s never used a rag or someone writing an Aquaman book who’s never eaten at Red Lobster.

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