Jim Tressel resigns over NCAA tattoo scandal

Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel has resigned. The school is in trouble with the NCAA over players getting free tattoos from Edward Rife, owner of a local tattoo parlor, in exchange for memorabilia. Tressel knew about it and failed to report it.

Jim Tressel is a scum-ball, but saying a college football coach is a scummy is like saying the ocean is salty. Now that he doesn’t have to coach young men to play football, he can write more books about Jesus and football.

It’s not like Ohio State players are the only college athletes with tattoos. Far from it. Most NCAA players these days are covered with tattoos. How do they pay for them? Tattoos are expensive, especially really good ones. If the NCAA is going to go after Ohio State for players getting free tattoos, they ought to do an investigation on all college athletes to find out how they paid for the body ink. They should make every college athlete fill out a form detailing how they acquired their tattoos.

The results would be interesting.

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