I’ve changed my mind, I’ll see ‘The Hobbit’ after all

When I first heard that Peter Jackson was going to turn The Hobbit into not two, but three full-length motion pictures, my immediate reaction was to take a pass on the whole thing. The Hobbit is one of my favorite books. It bothered me that it was going to be stretched into a three-movie event, not for the sake of the story, but because of the money the three films will surely generate.

I watched last night’s episode of The Colbert Report and it made me change my mind. Stephen Colbert is having a special week-long tribute to The Hobbit and last night he interviewed Sir Ian McKellen. You can watch the full episode online by going here.

If a massive Tolkien nerd like Stephen Colbert doesn’t have a problem with The Hobbit being turned into a three-movie event, who am I to have a problem with it?

The movie looks spectacular:

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

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