Shoplifting at Walmart can be dangerous

A Texas woman was shot and killed Thursday night by a off-duty uniformed Houston cop moonlighting for Walmart as added security. Walmart loss prevention personal witnesses two women stuffing merchandise info their purses without first paying for it.  Walmart, like most retailers, has a problem with people who stuff merchandise into purses without first paying for it. Once you pay for it, I don’t think they care if you stuff it in your purse or anywhere else.

The off-duty cop, a deputy from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, was sent to confront the women at the store’s entrance. The women reacted to the deputy by fleeing to their car. The off-duty deputy responded by chasing them. As they tried to speed away, the off-duty deputy opened the car’s door and ordered them to stop. Fearing for his own life, or because they wouldn’t do what he said, he fired his weapon.

The women got a way, but the car was found a short time later at a nearby apartment complex. One of the women in the car was dead while another was taken into police custody.

I wonder what they were stealing? For their sake, I hope it was worth dying for. I can’t think of anything at Walmart worth dying for, then again, I can’t think of anything there worth killing for either.

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