I guess this is why homeless pregnant ladies shouldn’t protest

A 19-year-old homeless woman that was pepper sprayed by police at an Occupy Wall Street in Seattle, has reportedly miscarried.

She’s blaming the miscarriage on the pepper spray. I’m not sure how she can state with any certainty that being pepper sprayed caused it. The young woman is homeless and living around the clock at an Occupy Wall Street protest. It seems to me that there could be a lot of factors that lead to the demise of her unborn child.

That’s even assuming she was in fact pregnant.

The good news is that since Fox is only 19-years old, she will have ample opportunity to procreate more children. Since she doesn’t work or go to school, her schedule is free for more baby making.

Photo: Seattlepi.com, Joshua Trujillo / AP
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This post was published 4 years ago.

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