How did Johnny Manziel afford Beats headphones?

The other day at Wal-Mart I saw someone wearing some of those fancy expensive Beats headphones paying for their groceries with a Maryland Independence card. It’s what Food Stamps are called here in Maryland, the Maryland Independence card. I call in the Maryland oxymoron card because anyone using it is far from being independent. The complete opposite is true; Maryland Independence card holders are dependant on the government for their sustenance.

I wondered how someone who couldn’t afford their own groceries without public, tax-payer funded assistance, could afford headphones that cost at least $200 a pop.

I wondered the same thing when I saw this photo of Johnny Manziel, reigning Heisman Trophy winner and starting quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies, getting ready for a game a couple of weeks ago. In the photo he’s wearing Beats headphones. Because of NCAA regulations, Manziel is prohibited from having a job. How then did he afford Beats headphones?

Maybe he found them.

Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Image


  1. CDH says

    Scott have you ever heard of a kids parents and family buying them things, especially since Johnny Manizel’s family works in oil companies are are quite well off

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