Good morning Myrtle Beach

Here’s a photo I just took from the balcony of our vacation condo here in Myrtle Beach.

The cloudy looking thing in the background is the sky and the large body of water underneath it is the Atlantic Ocean. The weather forecast is calling for rain most of the day. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I agree.

We arrived here at Myrtle Beach on Saturday, but technically our vacation doesn’t start for another two hours. The reason? Because if this was a normal Monday, I would be at work in two hours. Technically, a vacation doesn’t begin until the minute you would normally be at your job doing something you don’t like to do.

I love Myrtle Beach. It’s truly a wonderful place to visit with lots of fun things to do. What I love even more is a whole week away from work. More than a week actually in that I have not only all this week off, but next Monday off too.


  1. Truth says

    There is a flesh eating bacteria in the water in and around Myrtle Beach. Several of the victims have lost limbs. I would not go into the water for several weeks! Avoid very hot water because the virus thrives in hot water!

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