Georgia executes Troy Davis

The state of Georgia carried out the death sentence on Troy Davis, convicted of the 1989 murder of Mark MacPhail, an off-duty police officer who came to the aid of a homeless man MacPhail and his companions were assaulting. Davis was taken into the death chamber late last night and was pronounced dead at 11:08 PM.

Davis insisted he was innocent until his death. He reportedly spoke to the family of his victim shortly before he was executed, telling them that he was not their loved one’s killer.

Davis had many supporters who believed he was innocent. They signed petitions and argued that his life should be spared. Seven of the nine witnesses who testified against Davis signed affidavits recanting their testimony.

Though I’m not a big supporter of the death penalty, I don’t really have a problem with Troy Davis being executed. If you are going to carry out the death penalty on an individual, it might as well be someone like him.

The night Mark MacPhail was murdered, Davis shot another man, Michael Cooper, in the jaw. Shell casings from that earlier shooting matched those found at the scene where MacPhail was killed. Forensic evidence found on the shorts Davis was wearing the night of the murder were thrown out by a judge because he ruled police should have obtained a warrant before searching the home Grant shared with his mother.

The most troubling part of this case are the witnesses who changed their story. The problem I have with the recanting of their earlier testimony is that they were either lying then or they are lying now. Which is it? Why didn’t they tell the truth then, under oath, and why should anyone believe what they have to say now?

Troy Davis was a really bad person. He was convicted of shooting Michael Cooper in the jaw and he was convicted of shooting and killing Mark MacPhail. The more I read about him, the more I realize what a thug he was and how the world is a better place without him in it.


  1. Joa says

    Hey, mr. Rotten. After reading a little bit about the case… even Micheal Cooper said that he Troy didn’t know him well enough to shoot him… and he even doubts it was him So how can you be so sure…

    • says

      So Davis has to know someone well to shoot them? Good to know. Then again, considering that he’s now dead and will never get the chance to shoot anyone else, it’s a moot point.

  2. Eri says

    I was upset about this execution because I feel like it was a failure of the US Justice system. It’s tyrannical to execute someone without absolute proof of their guilt, and the evidence did not prove that Troy Davis murdered MacPhail or shot Cooper.

    With the information provided to the public, I just don’t know for sure whether or not Davis was guilty. And neither did anyone who gave him the death sentence. I cannot support a system in which innocent people can be executed.

    I can sympathize with the victim’s families; they were angry and wanted revenge. They said that they thought they may find peace if Davis was executed. But I personally don’t think a blood for blood mentality brings peace to anyone. It would be best if Davis was given a life sentence doing work to benefit those in need. We can turn a tragedy into something good.

    I realize that the idea of a life sentence brings up additional controversy regarding our prison populations and the cost on American citizens and that the prison organization is in need of reform, too, and maybe some would say that I’m too much of an idealist. However, I have to draw a line, we have to draw lines, somewhere, and say that murder is not a good thing. It is not something to be cheered, no matter what the delivery. It is always a tragedy.

    • says

      The jury must have thought the evidence proved Davis’ guilt because that’s what they ruled, that he was guilty. And they didn’t even get to consider the forensic evidence that Davis’ attorney was able to get thrown out.

      Like it or not, we have the death penalty in this country. Troy Davis was a bad person. He shot one person in the jaw and then later on that same evening, shot and killed a man who came to the defense of a homeless dude.

      Seems to me, Davis got what he deserved.

      • Cindy says

        If you really think that a jury finding someone guilty or not guilty is the be all end all and then you must live in a cave, because numerous times now juries have been PROVEN to have been wrong about a conviction. Just because this jury found him guilty does not mean that he was guilty, and calling him a bad person based on nothing more than conjecture and opinions you read online or wherever you get your information makes you even more ignorant than blindly believing in our justice system does. Get a clue, man!

        • says

          I don’t think I ever said that Cindy, that a jury finding someone guilty was the be all end all. With that said, he was found guilty of shooting Michael Cooper. He was found guilty of murdering Mark MacPhail.

          I do think he was a bad person. I wouldn’t want him living next door to me. I doubt you would either.

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