Former Hagerstown mayor hired by the Hagerstown Suns

The Hagerstown Suns, a minor league team in the South Atlantic League and a class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, has hired former Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey as its Director of Sales, Marketing and Community Affairs. Bruchey, a retired corrections officer and a car salesman, does not have a sports marketing background, unless you can count the time as mayor he pushed for a $30 million minor league baseball stadium to be constructed in the heart of downtown Hagerstown.

It’s a proposal that eventually failed.

When asked by Herald-Mail reporter C.J. Lovelace if he viewed his hiring as some sort of payoff from the team for his support for a new stadium, Bruchey had this to say:

As far as anybody’s preconceived notions of this is as any way, shape or form to have to do with … the fact that I brought forth the project, is laughable actually. It’s a job and one that I look forward to.

That doesn’t really answer the question.

Though I believe the Suns hiring Bruchey raises some valid questions, I’m not sure Bruchey is the one to ask. Who can really say why someone hired you? I’d be curious to learn from the person who actually hired Bruchey, Hagerstown Suns General Manager Bill Farley, why he hired a retired corrections officer with no sports background as the team’s marketing director.

Kyle MacBain, the person who previously held the job Bruchey now holds, was only promoted into that position last September. Before that, according to this Linkedln profile, he was a full-time communications assistant and an intern graphic designer intern for the team. According to the official team website, MacBain is still listed as the Director of Sales, Marketing and Community Affairs. If updating the website falls within the duties of the Director of Sales, Marketing and Community Affairs, our former mayor had better get cracking on updating the website.

I wish Bruchey luck in his new career. If nothing else, it should be lots of fun. Is there a better marketing job than promoting a minor league baseball? I think not.

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This post was published 3 years ago.

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