Edward Snowden once said leakers ‘should be shot in the balls’

Back in 2009 on an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) room belonging to the technology blog  Ars Technica, NSA blabbermouth Edward Snowden wrote that whoever leaked a story about the covert actions being taken against Iran’s nuclear weapons program by the United States, should be shot in the testicles.

Assuming  that they were male and not female. Advocating that a woman be shot in the testicles would be a stupid thing to say. Evidently Snowden was not a fan of people who leak classified information to newspapers.

My how things change.

Snowden also spoke negatively about Wikileaks, the organization that is funding his exodus from Hong Kong to a country without an extradition treaty with the United States. Currently Snowden is holed up in the Soviet Union Russia in a special transit zone in the Moscow airport. Technically, he hasn’t crossed the border into Russia. Geographically, he’s deep inside Mother Russia.

It’s really a perfect place for Snowden. Too bad he can’t just stay permanently in the special transit area of the Moscow airport. He deserves to be in a jail cell, but the Moscow airport sounds like the next best thing to jail.  I equate people who leak classified information with murderers and people who enjoy the musical stylings of Jimmy Buffett. In other words, people who leak classified information are scum.

Wikileaks is trying to get Snowden asylum in Ecuador. According to Ecuador’s foreign minister, the asylum request could take months to process. When a South American bureaucrat says something will take months to process, they’re looking for a bribe. My guess is that Ecuador’s foreign minister wants some of that sweet Wikileaks money.

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