I am beginning to think Edward Snowden might just be insane

Former former Central Intelligence Agency “analyst” and all around blabbermouth Edward Snowden sat down with reporters from the South China Morning Post and told them even more secrets than he told reporters from The Guardian and The Washington Post. According to the Chinese newspaper, Snowden told its reporters that the United States government has been hacking into computer networks in China and in Hong Kong and has been doing so for years.

Talk about someone who can’t keep a secret.

He reminds me of a bitter ex-boyfriend who goes around and tells friends of his ex-girlfriend what she would say about them behind their backs. The thing is, I can’t figure out what Snowden has to be bitter about. Seriously, what did the CIA, the NSA, or the USA for that matter ever do to him to make him flee the country and blab highly classified state secrets? He’s a high school and community college dropout, yet he was able to get a high paying job. Snowden claims he was making $200,000 a year with Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm working on behave of the NSA. They claim he was making $122,000 in yearly salary. Either way you slice it, that’s a lot of money for someone lacking even a high school diploma.

The more I learn about Edward Snowden, the more I just don’t understand.

Snowden was living with his longtime girlfriend in Hawaii and she reportedly had no clue he was going to do what he did. What kind of person does that to a woman he shares a life with and supposedly loves?

Snowden’s parents are divorced. His mother works as a clerk at the federal courthouse in Baltimore. His father is remarried and lives outside Philidelphia. He was an officer in the Coast Guard. Can you imagine how terrible he has made things for his mother working at the federal courthouse or his father, the former Coast Guard officer? Happy father’s day mister Snowden. According to everything I’ve read, his parents had no idea their son was going to do what he did. It was a total shock to them.

Sucks to be them.

What kind of a jerk chooses to bring so much grief and unnecessary trouble to his loved ones? I just don’t get it. Edward Snowden lived in Hawaii making very good money, sharing his life with a woman who obviously loved him. He threw that all away, for what, to be a hero to people who hang out all day on Reddit and talk about Internet privacy?

Edward Snowden is either one of the biggest jerks to ever walk the planet, or he has a brain tumor making him do really stupid things. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two. Maybe it’s neither, maybe he’s just insane. Whatever it is, I feel sorry for the people in his life. I have a feeling they didn’t deserve any of this.

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  1. Lufsta Flangshet says

    He has epilepsy, a recent development. How is that caused? By hitting your head, or drug use, or alcohol. Perhaps he has a brain lesion to go along with the epilepsy that caused him to act in a crazy way. Maybe he needs a doctor. Could be why he’s saying crazy things that are grandiose and overboard and do not make sense.

This post was published 2 years ago.

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