Doctors suck and I don’t trust them

There’s an old joke about a guy going to his doctor to complain about pain in one of his arms. He demonstrates the problem to his doctor by lifting his arm above his head and twisting it a certain way. He says, “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” The man’s doctor looks at his patient and tells him, “Then stop doing that“.

Seems pretty obvious, right?

Well, maybe not. When I was laid off from my job as a electronics technician this past September, it changed my life in many ways. Not all the changes were negative. Some were quite positive. One of these positive changes was that the psoriasis I’ve had on my hands for years is now almost completely gone. My right hand is completely psoriasis free. My left hand currently only has one tiny spot of psoriasis that I’m able to manage completely by putting a piece of cloth athletic tape on it.

It’s become clear to me that working everyday with my hands contributed greatly to my problems with psoriasis.  Working with my hands didn’t cause my psoriasis, that’s not the way it works.  Psoriasis is caused by my autoimmune system causing new skins cells to grow where they are not needed. In my case, it’s the palms of my hands and my fingers.

Why then didn’t any of the doctors I’ve seen for my psoriasis ever tell me to find a job that didn’t require me to work with my hands? Seriously, why?

Instead of telling me that working with my hands was possibly exacerbating my condition, they prescribed a plethora of expensive, toxic drugs, some capable of causing nasty side-effects. Some of the documented possible side-effects were even life threatening. One of these drugs effected my autoimmune system in such a way that it landed me in the emergency room with pneumonia.

What was even worse is that most of these drugs did nothing for my psoriasis. None of them worked long term.

My hands feel great right now. They don’t hurt. I have full movement. There are no infected fissures or cracks on my hands. My life is good. Too bad none of the doctors that treated me for my psoriasis can take any credit for my psoriasis going into remission. In retrospect, they only wasted my time and money.

I’m now left with feeling as though each and every doctor I’ve seen in the past six or seven years is an incompetent quack. That’s how long I was suffering with psoriasis. Not one of these doctors ever told me that working with my hands was making my psoriasis far worse than it needed to be. I even asked if I should find a different line of work, something that doesn’t require me to work with my hands. I was always told that psoriasis was an autoimmune system disease and that it wasn’t caused by anything I was doing.

It will be a long time before I ever trust a doctor again.

Update: I wrote this nearly two years ago, and I’ve since changed my mind about all doctors. Not all doctors are incompetent jackwagons. I’m now lucky to have a great doctor, by far the best I’ve ever had. If you live in the Hagerstown area and are in need of a doctor that doesn’t suck, send me an email and I will give you their info.

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  1. My only thought, being in the medical field, is that there never has been shown to be a relationship between an autoimmune disorder (I have reheumatoid arthritis) and its severity being impacted by the use of the parts of the body affected by the dsease. For instance, with RA, not using the affected joints can actually lead to further deterioration.
    My second comment would be that, suppose one of those doctors told you it woudl be beneficial to give up your job — you did, then found that the psoriasis on your hands got no better. By your reasoning, that doc would be a quack too. Though they often think they are, docs are NOT God, and can’t be omniscient in knowing what may miraculously work for an individual patient! But I am certainly glad to hear that you are having such relief.

  2. @Cathy I think it’s different when it’s the skin. I’ve been doing research online and I’ve been reading about the “Koebner phenomenon”. From PsoriasisNet:

    The “Koebner phenomenon” and is named after Dr. Koebner who in the 19th century observed that a patient developed new lesions in areas where his horse bit him. This relationship between skin injury and developing new psoriatic lesions has been observed in many patients.

    Research shows that about 50% of people with psoriasis experience the Koebner phenomenon — developing a psoriatic lesion at the site of a skin injury or in the same place as another skin condition. About 10% of psoriasis patients develop a new psoriatic lesion each time the skin is injured. The likelihood of developing the Koebner phenomenon may increase when psoriasis lesions are already present.

    Not once did any of doctors who treated me tell me about the Koebner phenomenon or how working with my hands was making my condition worse.

    1. @Cathy, I’m in the medical field too, and I can understand what you’re saying…but I have to DISAGREE. As a doctor, you need to inform your patients, and most doctors are googling things and are not aware. I’ve had a condition that I’ve been working with, and I order all of my tests from my doctor, and feel like I can take care of her patients that have my condition better than she can with her MD Degree.

  3. @Rick: Wow! From what you’ve researched there, it certainly does make sense. One would think that dermatologists, in particular, would know about or keep up with such things, but I guess this is obviously not always the case. I’m guessing that a non-specialist would probably have no reason to know about this, but someone specializing in skin matters ought to! It just reinforces that in this day and age of “speed ’em through” medicine, a patient really has to be a strong advocate for themselves. Sad, but true. Again, I’m really glad this has turned out well for you, as I remember photos of your hands, and they looked awfully painful.

  4. Here’s a question: how much money would an insurance company and a drug company and pharmacy have made off of you if the doctor had just told you to do something mundane and simple, like changing jobs? It’s kinda like being told you have colon cancer when you really have celiac disease……..the only companies who make money off of a disease like that are health food stores!

  5. Googling “Doctors suck” made me stumble upon this. I, too, have had numerous terrible experiences with doctors. Stories like this are far too common, but until it actually happens to someone personally, most people are just unwilling to give up their naive idealistic world view of doctors being some kind of saints who just want to save lives. Truth is, most doctors don’t care. Just like every other profession, they care about getting paid as much as possible to do as little work as possible. They get paid for each time they see a patient, so they’ll send you away without addressing all your problems if at all possible. They get paid for writing prescriptions, so they’d rather make you try drugs that have only a small chance of working than advise you of other alternatives. And most importantly, they really have no interest in the well-being of their patients. Unless the patient is wealthy and influential and threatens to sue.

  6. From personal experience and from what I’ve heard from friends and family I can honestly say that doctors SUCK. When your are sick you realize it’s not money or power the most important thing in life, it’s your health. So why does it cost so much to see a doctor? Or buy a medicine? I know people cant work for free, but when you equate what these doctors or medicines do for you, they deserve nothing. There is no quality control in the health business, so its common to see these witch doctors make a wrong diagnosis or treatment, and when they finally figure it out is because it is too obvious and late to do something about it. There is no LOVE for the patient. There is no INTEREST in finding out what’s wrong. Most of the time they take a quick snotty look at you for 2 seconds and say is stress related, prescribe pills that make you stoned and charge you hundreds of dollars for a 5 minute consultation. I have many stories, hear this one out… I once went to a doctor because I had been experiencing recurrent Vertigo for a couple of months( I was working out, eating right, no smoking or stress either, so whats wrong? ), after I told him he didn’t even bother to ask me my background, things like “what are you eating?”, “are you taking any drugs?”, “whats your daily routine?”, “whats your family health history?”, he didn’t prescribe any drugs or told me to take any blood tests, he just took my vital signs, checked my ear, nose and throat and said “I have a private clinic you should go to, for a special test that I do just to be sure”. The consultation lasted 5 minutes, 5 minutes later I was being charged hundreds of dollars, oh and I stood at the waiting room for 45 minutes because he was late by the way… I recovered, but never found out what it was, I was lucky but for some, it could be a serious problem that can only be detected in time if the doctor actually cares about the patient and is thorough in every aspect instead of making a record out of how much money he can make in one day.

  7. Doctors need to learn to treat patients as professionals and customers like any other business. This means, show up on time as scheduled; smile; and say thank you when we write you a check! Stop profiting from sick people, especially sick children.

      1. Yeah, good point. We pay our insurance company and they pay the doctors. I had a case, where my daughter was sick; the doctor saw her for 5 minutes and charged our insurance company for 15. When confronted, the response is: “why do you care? your insurance company pays for it!” This kinds of behavior is got to stop! It is one of the reasons that all of our insurance premium is going up. I bet you, if you add other all of their charges in a day, it would be > 24 hours. I wish the insurance company would go after them instead of raising our rates.

  8. Anyone with an autoimmune disorder should look into gluten sensitivity as a possible cause. 50% of our population has a problem with gluten at least. I finally found a group of competent doctors who know what they are doing but in the meantime I was told that I would always be on thyroid meds because it is genetic. I never bought that line and now 13 years later I’m watching my meds lower as I heal my leaky gut and take care of the underlying reason that my thyroid went Hypo.

    Wasted time and money on all those quacks. Never again will I accept 5 minutes and a prescription.

  9. I use to think everything was good with doctors, they always helped me until I went to the ER last night, and I waited for 3 hours just for the doctor to tell me my pain was just a muscular ache. I tried to explain that it wasnt and I was Sickle Cell Anemic, but he did not listen he got mad and said “im not checking your blood” How can you tell me that my blood disease is NOT acting up WITHOUGHT checking my blood. ANd to top it all off I told him I had pain medicine at home, but that it didnt work, and GUESS what he prescibes me .THE SAME DAMN MEDICINE. GTHO.

  10. My friend has had a persisting cough, and went to numerous drs. She coughed with , and after every other word that came out. She got prescribed drugs that gave her various side effects, and did nothing at all for the problem. Personally, I have lost my faith in Drs a long time ago, so I tried to explain this to her. I told her that no Dr., at least not anytime soon would find a solution for her. All they will keep doing is prescribing some damn medication. She could not stop trusting Drs. I kept giving her recommendations on what she should do to treat herself, and the cough, naturally. She ignored me, and said that she would hurt herself by taking what I recommended, which most persons have their homes. Drs know more than me, and more than she could ever know. She believed that she was just unhealthy, and had a condition which was difficult to cure.

    Two years later, she became desperate, and I noticed that she began listening to me; needless to say, she finally took my advice, and accepted what I gave her. A few days later she began feeling better, and within a week the cough was gone!!!

    How is it possible that not one, but several Drs could not cure a persistent cough???? How could they be so negligent???, and why is it that me who is not a Dr. could help her get rid of a two year cough in about a week? Did I cure her? Did she make a good decision in taking ownership of her health, and not putting full trust on Drs? You be the judge!

    What made me first lose trust in a Dr. is when years ago, I had brought a friend to a Dr. The Dr. stated the diagnosis, and prescribed a drug. I began asking questions, about the condition, and then started to let the Dr. know that I have done research, and that based on the research, that the illness symptoms also pointed to other possible issues. The Dr. visibly got upset, and asked “who is the Dr. here?” “Why are you asking so many questions? Don’t you trust me?” I said that it’s not that, I just care about my friend, and wish to completely understand what the problem is, and if the drug that you are prescribing will help? The Dr. ignored me, did not answer any further questions, and said “take the prescription, and come back for a follow-up.” Needless to say, the drug did not help with the underlying problem. That is when I began to learn more about how the body works, and how to give the body what it really needs in order to function properly, such as eating right, eating specifically to cure a condition, and taking ownership of my own health. I DO NOT TRUST DOCTORS AT ALL. AND BELIEVE THAT THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY!!! I use Drs to check my vitals(BTW, I can check my own vitals), do blood test, perform diagnostic test, like EKG, X-ray, and Sonogram; once the results are in, I finally treat my own self and ignore the inevitable prescribed drug that has many many many side effects. When I finally do let a Dr. treat me, it will be for something that I can not find a natural cure for or require their supposedly skills to help me (e.g. CPR, and etc); may God help me when that time arrives.

    My recommendations to all is if you go see a Dr. for any reason, go in to gain understanding of your condition; have a goal to ask questions, and always understand that the only person who fully cares about your health is you. Drs may find the problem, but they are not interested in helping you naturally; they believe that the only cures are by using drugs – in many cases this is completely untrue. So do your own research, and gain understanding of your own problem. Use common sense when trying to self treat, and just like you can’t believe everything a Dr. tells you, you must question what you read on the internet.

    Bent, I congratulate you for taking the time to realize that your condition was due to your job. No matter what anyone says; a Dr. should have told you that 7 years ago. There is NO excuse for this, NONE at all. They are Drs 24 7, this is what they went to school for, and should make time to research and cure. They are the only ones authorized to cure. Based on the US, no one else, but a Dr. can cure – screw that!, I AM not a Dr., and I can cure better than many Drs!!!!! And have no medical background!!!! Don’t believe me – don’t worry – it’s only a matter of time. The truth is coming out! and it is becoming more difficult to remain ignorant.

  11. I found this doing a search on “doctors suck” to.
    I have dry skin on my hands and feet, that they have always misdiagnosed because not one of the medicines they have gave me for it had helped. They even thought it was fungal infection, even though their test all said it was nothing, so I took tons of medicines for it and I never got any better. My life has been ruined because this apathetic “lets wait till you’re on your death bed to really try to treat you” mentality most doctors now have.

    I am 22 years old and have NEVER been healthy.
    Had tubes in my ears as a newborn. I kept getting ear infections as I got older. When I was a 2 year old , I was bitten on the back by a bug and got impetigo.I had missed a lot of school growing up and all they did for my throat and ear infections were prescribe more antibiotics.

    I then got sick in high school at age 16. Stomach and nausea problems that lasted almost a year and gradually got worse and worse. Till one day I had to just start missing school, not only cause all the doctors appointments and test, but cause the medicines (antibiotics) started to make me very very sick. I began to get female issues,throat infections and acne very bad after stopping the antibiotics. I was told to take birth control to help the lady issues, and then my hair started to fall out, and my teeth went soft and broke away when I ate. I stopped the birth control pills and still they wanted to put me on more. I declined… I had to quit school because I felt so bad.

    Now I don’t even care about the other stuff, now I have even worse problems that THEY created out of not helping me properly. I have been to every doctor in driving distance ( up to 5 hours from where I live) . Now I have to deal with the teeth that came from the birth control pills. I took them over a year ago and now they are becoming painful. I took antibiotics again about 3 months ago so I can do a root canal. I got a hairy face, and my hair started to fall out again. I went and got 3 cavities filled.
    After this I was suppose to come back and either get the root canal or have 2 of my teeth pulled. I decided to try and pay for a root canal cause my teeth are crowded and I did not want any shifting in my teeth. Well, I have an ear infection now that might have infected my brain. My jaw hurts and my whole face is in pain. I know they will just give me more medicines and I know it probably wont help, if not make me worse.
    Not only all this, but I could be pregnant… What can they do now?

    You would like to think these kinds of things would never happen, and have trust that Doctors are there to help, but I have found that this is not the case.
    I am messed up, and taking no medicines now because I am so scared.
    They have really not helped 1 of my problems, Only gave me more.

    1. @Maria: Read Earth Clinic – ear infection (type in search box). One of the ear cures is garlic and olive oil wrapped in a cotton round Let the garlic sit out 10 minutes after you slice the clove. Put a little olive oil in your ear and stick the cotton wrapped garlic clove in there. It is anti-fungal. It should clear the infection. Take a blow dryer (the next day) and hold it a foot from your head on low setting, gently allowing the warm air to flow in your ear. See if that helps.

  12. Going to the doctor is truly a waste of time and money unless you are DIEING. If you cut your arm off and are bleeding to death, then sure, go to the emergency room but otherwise doctors are a waste of money.

    There is really NOTHING a doctor can do for you because YOUR BODY has to Heal ITSELF. Yes, YOU are the only person who can make yourself healthy.

    The most unhealthy thing you can do is work at your job for 40+ hours a week!!! Working is what is KILLING everyone.

    100% of over the counter and 99% of all preconception medication does nothing more that RELIEVE SYMPTOMS. Medications do NOTHING towards healing, they just make you FEEL BETTER.

    The human body can fix itself. If you are in pain, then STOP DOING WHATEVER IS CAUSING THE PAIN!! In a few days, the pain will go away completely. If your back hurts then STOP DOING whatever causes the pain!!

  13. You all are so clueless about medicine that I literally laughed out loud reading the post and comments.

    – There is no evidence that working with your hands worsens Psoriasis. There IS evidence that cytotoxic drugs help. If you hadn’t been prescribed those drugs, it would have been malpractice.

    – Doctors aren’t late to their appointments for fun, doctors are late to their appointments because the last patient expected an hour of the doc’s time. The two patients before that didn’t show up. Docs need to book twice as many patients as they actually have time for to stay productive. On the rare day that more than half their appointments ACTUALLY show up, things get slow.

    – If you don’t want doctors to treat you, don’t go see the doctors. I promise, we won’t miss you. We are so overwhelmingly busy with people who DO want a magic pill for trivial complaints that we don’t need your business. If you can “treat yourself” then please do and stay out of my ER.

    1. How am I supposed to stay out of your ER if you don’t let people know who you are? I would like nothing more than to NOT have you treat me, but since you’re hiding your identity, I have no idea who you are.

      I’m pretty sure you’re an awful doctor. The fact that you incorrectly capitalized the word psoriasis is really quite telling.

    2. Ryan, I think it’s great that you would offer to treat psoriasis at your Emergency Room to patients who would seek treatment from a doctor, I have a big boil growing on my ass right now, I’ve tried to treat it myself, but I’m not having any luck. What day are you working? I will schedule an ambulance ride to your ER that day. Don’t worry, I’ll show up on time, and probably a little early since we’ll have the siren going on the way there.

      1. What a jackass. With his own comment, he did more PR damage to the profession in which he claims to be a part of, than anything I wrote. I especially enjoyed the part about double-booking of patients.

        1. Yeah, he is everything that is wrong with doctors, in my opinion. I liked the “no evidence” part. It’s almost like the guy hasn’t bothered to learn anything about the topic. He nevertheless has an opinion, and will be insulted if his opinion is not treated with respect. He’s going to claim that nothing in his education told him that your phrase “…working with your hands…” was ever parsed in any of his textbooks. While he may be grammaticaly correct, aboout 10% of psoriasis patients develop a new psoriatic lesion each time the skin is injured. We’re not as clueless as he would claim. We patients know that in real life, nothing occurs in a vacuum. Everything happpens in context, and there are series of events that cause other series of events. It is really that hard for him to see that the action of you working with your hands can have a great potential of injuring your skin, and thus fulfill the requirement of the “Koebner phenomenon”? No, he knows that it can. He just doesn’t want to admit it, and will use a fallacy to say that it doesn’t.

        2. Yep, guys like him ARE the problem. If you hate people so much and don’t want to help them then do something else! What ER do you work in that takes appointments and double books??? Are you even a doctor?

    3. Ryan, you are quite typical of the assorted asses I have interfaced with in the medical profession. Great attitude you have, I must say! I think your attitude absolutely sucks. If yall did your jobs, you’d have far fewer “I hate doctors comments”. Your IQ is just so, so high I am sure, that few mere mortals can relate. Like the Doc who never heard of the Garlique product available in drugstores, which works naturally for the cholesterol issue, to the imbecile who couldn’t read an EKG (IE-he says I better get to a cardiologist, and the cardiologist then says I could be flying jets with my EKG) Or, the imbecile who wants to perform outpatient prostate surgery for urinary symptoms, or give out drugs like Flomax with terrible side effects, when all I really needed was a natural product like Prostalex Plus. I could go on and on. I assert from experience that the average engineer or geo-scientist is smarter than the average Doc. Like most Docs, I am just playing the probabilities with this statement, so don’t hate me for being right. Your profession must really get its collective act together! It all starts with a change in the “tude”, combined with a little compassion and humility. Next time you should take notes when your patient speaks if you are really are intent on helping, rather than arrogantly asserting that the patient should be taking the notes when you condescend, followed by trashing the patient who informs himself through research beforehand.If I had not done this research countless times myself I’d have never gotten any relief for anything as a result of doctor performance or knowledge. So there! Nah!

    4. @Ryan: Is that why there are doctors living in trailers across the country? They lost their practice! Also, if two patients don’t show up there is no excuse for your tardiness. Get a watch.

  14. Oh, and I almost forgot. Next to politicians, doctors are the biggest bunch of charlatans on the face of the earth. Yeah, I said it!

  15. I concur, doctors suck.

    I haven’t visited a doc for over 10 years, with the exception of my annual well woman exam.
    That changed when I went into an urgent care for abdominal pains. The doctor berated me for taking vitamins without a docs supervision and when she heard that I cut back on carbs and was sticking to chicken, veggies, and raw food, she hit the roof. I read her notes about me, and it stated “she could be potentially hurting herself with this diet she INVENTED without assisted supervision.” WTF? Then I learn she isn’t even a doc, she’s a nurse practitioner. Yay me.

    She diagnosed me with “stomach pains” and found I had a UTI. The UTI meds gave me crazy side effects like chest pain, diarrhea, peripheral neuropathy, dizziness, etc. I thought all these symptoms could be attributed to a heart attack or stroke, and found myself in the ER multiple times.They never put it together. I kept notes of EVERYTHING and it wasn’t until I re-read my notes that I realized what the culprit was.
    When I went back to my doc, I expressed my concern that I might have long term neuropathy (a side effect of this drug, seen in a few patients- regardless of dosage or time taken) and she said “no, side effects go away when the drugs are stopped.” I asked her how we could know for sure that the meds are what gave this to me, and if they are still in my system. I also wanted to follow up on some previous sketchy blood tests.
    I was shot down on all accounts. The only way we would know if the meds are what did that to me, she said, would be if I were to take them again and get the same side effects.

    10 minute visit with her hand on the door practically the entire time, barely looking at me, interrupting me, costed me only a $10 co-pay but was billed to my insurance as a $249 visit. Wow.

  16. I too have lost my trust in doctors
    6 years ago I was diagnosed with reumitoid arthritis
    At that time I expressed that had been exposed to a lifetime of hazardous materials far exceeding the normal PEL for any of these materials including heavy metals,aromatic chemicals and pure silica quartz + all other refractory materials to which he dismayed
    He then went on to prescribe Remicade, Embrel, and MRA which is now marketed as Actemra
    None of these rugs seemed to work for me (at an extreme expense I need to add)
    I changed my line of work and things progressively got better
    I am no longer exposed to these substances, yet I still have the same job title (plant maintenance specailist)
    I have come to believe that what I actually was I classify as an industrial poisoning through exposure over a long period of time (25 years)
    I do still have some problems such as chronic pain but I am living with it, although the doctors seem to think it is all in my head as I will not accept thier determinations anymore
    I am a 53 old grandpa with 2 kids, one a grad student at Purdue (Immunology) and 3 grandchildren
    In conclusion all I can say is, WHY DO THINK THEY CALL IT A PRACTICE!

  17. I love it when doctors don’t know/don’t care what is wrong with you and all of a sudden it is ” all in your head”.

    If doctors where mechanics they would starve.

  18. Most people don’t possess the intelligence and education that doctors do. From my perspective doctors know everything about anything. I dectect jealousy when people talk down doctors. I wouldn’t be alive today if I haden’t been treated for my near deadly high blood pressure which was 137/67, pulse 75!!! And I had high cholesterol. My doctor got me started right away on beta blockers, ACE inhibitors a statin and an aspirin a day. My blood pressure is now a very safe 110/39 and my pulse is 46! Sure I’m feeingl achy and lathargic from the medication, but my doctor said those are just side effects and they won’t cause any harm. I’m thankful to be alive! My doctor says that I’ll live to be 100 being on these great drugs!

    1. @Josh: Are you a total idiot? 137/67 is not deadly!!! WTF. You’ve been taken but good. My husband’s HBP is 200 over 90 sometimes!!! That’s when they put him on meds. Mine went as high as yours a couple of times and they wanted me to take the meds and I said no–mine is usually perfect. Then he backed down and wanted me to go to GNC for over the counter HBP medicine. Forget that!!!

  19. I’ve got the best one of all. I went to the doctor and since they couldn’t come up with what’s wrong with me (which I thought was hereditary) and they said since I have vitiligo I have AIDS. Too ridiculous for words!!!! Wow, where did they get their education? K-Mart??? I hope I live 20 MORE years and I come back to haunt them. ALIVE!!! What a bunch of retarded goons. Also, I need to note I went to a rheumatology clinic and they told me (beforehand) that I’m not even autoimmune. HAH!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Doctors suck. Typically they are overbearing ,arrogant, uncommunicative SOBs that come at you as if you were a cow. You’d just rather die at home than see their ignorant pathetic faces. The bulk of them do very poorly in chemistry, don’t REALLY understand anything and simply follow whatever the pharmaceuticals are pushing to make some extra cash.

    I you know of a site that exposes these quacks to health insurances/public (with the purpose of weeding them out), please post it.

  21. Dear Anonymous March 5, 2012 at 8:41 PM
    Please post full names and location of these quacks for out benefit.
    I sincerely hope you are doing well.
    Take care,


  22. The leading cause of death and injury in the US is the health care system. Doctors are the third leading cause of death.

    American health care is more deadly than third world health care.

  23. @Cathy: They act like Gods, and charge way too much money for what they do. They screw up all the time and dont give a crap, they are lazy and money hungry.

  24. My first terrible experience with a Doctor was back in the early 80’s at a teaching hospital. My wife delivered our first child there. When I seen her for the first time after delivery I was expecting to see a beautiful proud (Of course in pain and worn out because she delivered naturally) new mom who I was so proud of. Instead I seen an very scared woman who was clinging to me in fear. The first thing I expected her to tell me was about our new baby girl. Nope. The first thing she did was pull back the sheet and show me the inside of her thigh (while crying) and said. “Look at my leg!” I seen what first looked like a bite of some kind that was purple red and bleeding a little. It looked very painful. I asked her. “What is that, how did that happen?” She said. “That —– Doctor clamped a pair of those clamp things on my leg (hemostats)and left them there the whole time I was delivering the baby.” I went looking for the Doctor but no one would say where he was. They called security on me because I told them if somebody didn’t tell me where he was I would tear the whole place apart until I found him. As I proceeded to fulfill my promise two security guards showed up and subdued me after a short scuffle. When the three of us got to finally communicating about my rant and they realized why I was so mad. (I had my wife show them her leg) They both agreed that, if that Doctor did that to their wives they would have done the same. I never did find him. And the security guards said they would guarantee that that Doctor wouldn’t be allowed back in that hospital ever again. From there until we went home with our new daughter the rest of the staff treated my wife like a queen and me like they were scared to death (As they should have.) Every since then I have never trusted another Doctor. This was just the first of many more horrible things that has happened since. I have 10 grandkids now and am ex-military, ex-law enforcement, retired mechanic. I tell everyone the same thing. “Always remember that it doesn’t matter what field of work your talking about. 80% suck at the job and 20% are from OK to exceptional at what they do.” And you know, just like some child molesters will get work as a teacher or day care worker. Some Doctors will get into the medical field to try and inflict pain upon people legally. So BEWARE! I’ve seen a lot of things, this is but one of many horrible things Doctors have done to my family or me. One darn near killed me recently by overdosing me on a medication (Not because he tried to kill me but, because he sucked at his job. He simply failed to check the labs.) I’ll tell you about that some other time as I’m not a typist and my hunt and peck finger is getting tired.

  25. The biggest quack MD I ever dealt with was an internist who practiced applied kinesiology to “diagnose” patients’ ailments! All I wanted was a physician who was educated in nutrition and supplementation, not a witch doctor!

  26. I do not know what to think of visiting my PCP. I go to get a comprehensive annual exam/physical only for them to half azz it. When they draw blood, they dont even check for everything. You have to request stuff now. I feel that is a waste. That visit charges my insurance company $400 and for what? For them to check my height, weight, blood pressure and place two fingers down below and tell me to cough???

  27. I agree DOCTORS SUCK! They very rarely listen to patients, thinking they know it all! After all they are the “Doctor’s” right?!?!?! I have witnessed WAY too many so called Doctors screw up everything because THEY DONT LISTEN!!!!!! My brother who is now dead, 2 of my uncles that are now dead thanks to doctors. Then try and bring them to court for malpractice and see how easy that is. I am now living in addict land south Florida and what used to take only one Doctor in any other so called normal state now takes 3-4 for the same treatment. I am going to find my medications illegally for the shear fact it is easier than going through the mess of Florida’s red tape of retardation. I am down the middle in politics and now live in the right wing nut job state! I bet Rush doesn’t have a problem getting his fix! When I need my pain med’s for legit reasons I have to jump through hoops to get what I need when I can just find a shady dealer and have it in no time at all. NOW THEY WANT TO DO THE SAME THING WITH GUNS!?? This state and this country makes is own doom and blindly passes law after law making it harder on people who are legit. Doctors and lawyers are the lowest of all people. Huge ego’s and no common sense. This new system is terrible and new health care laws will make it worse. I HATE DOCTORS!!!!!!!! VERY FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I was right. AIDS test was negative. The doctors who put me through that nightmare should be fired or worse. What kind of doctor tells someone they have AIDS without doing the proper tests?

    1. That is a STUPID comment. How much education do you have, sir? Doctors have a minimum of 12 of med school training beginning with premed. Becoming a doctor is the highest level of achievement that a person can achieve. There is no such thing as a “dumb” doctor. Nobody is perfect and to err is to human. But human error is rare amongst medical doctors. Just remember people are living much longer today because of modern marvels in medical sciences. A generation from now people will live to be 120.

  29. I think the future is people learning to take care of their own health and learning what to try based on other people’s experiences. Some people might say that’s a dangerous statement but if you go to the doctors now, they will very easily prescribe you poisonous medication. Most doctors just really don’t care about you or your health. They want you out of their office without complaint and to collect the money. They are jaded and are just humans with flaws. For some reason we imagine them to hold all the answers and care but we have to accept that they just don’t. People of average intelligence can learn a ton about the specifics of their condition on the internet through a lot of research. Doctors are good for some things and can help sometimes but they rarely are treating you properly. The number one thing you can do for your health is diet and exercise. REAL food prepared at home. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, bowel diseases, skin diseases, etc….if the body doesn’t have pure fuel, it fails. Just like impurities in your gasoline.

  30. If Western medicine is so bad then why are people living longer? I’ll tell you why it’s because the marvels of modern medicine are prolonging life. One of the most important drugs on the market are statins. Iy used to be that people were dying from heart attacks and strokes before statins were prescribed. Now statin medications cure heart disease and let you live to be 100. Blood thinner like Plavix are life savers too. There are so many great medications that cure high blood pressure and get rid of cholesterol your body doesn’t need from fat foods. There are many websites that successfully debunk “alternative cures” because they don’t work. Only science based medicine is safe and effective. If it wasn’t safe then the FDA wouldn’t allow it to be produced. I can personally attest to the greatness of modern medicine. I take statins, a blood thinner and a beta blocker. My doctor was alarmed because my BP was 130/65. My doctor said that I was practically knocking on death’s door with BP that high; my cholesterol was over 150 (really bad) and my doctor said that I must be medicated as prevention. My BP is now 100/46. My doctor was pleased with the results. Other than feeling tired a bit achey and a bit withdrawn and a little bruised from the Plavix, I believe that I’ll live to 100 like my doctor says I will. I believe my doctor because doctors know WAY more than anybody else. And besides you can’t argue with scientific proof of lifesaving prescription medications. If science doesn’t prove it then it isn’t real.

  31. Steve, it’s people like you who needs to remove your blinders. Fact: People aren’t living longer today. However the infant mortality rate has decreased thus raising the bar on “people living longer.” In my lifetime I have witnessed so many egregious errors committed by doctors. My dear mother paid with her life because of the medical errors, poor decisions and misdiagnoses she was wrought with. I have personally experienced inferior doctoring myself. I personally know some people who suffered under their doctors care, even suffering permanent neurological and muscular damage as a result. All of the “wonder drugs” that are dolled out like candy nowadays that are prescribed as “preventive” means. WTF?!?! My poor mother suffered permanent muscular, bone and neurological damage from the goddamn statin medication that her “brilliant” doctor said she “must take or you’ll die.” My mother died from liver and kidney failure and suffered stomach ulcers and she was on a grand total of nine prescription drugs. So Stephen, don’t spout off about all of the education and supreme intelligence of doctors. A med student who graduates at the bottom of his or her class is still a doctor. Human error IS NOT RARE amongst medical doctors! I am witness to that! Yes, there are some DUMB Dr.’s out there! The dumb decisions they make; indecisive, arrogant and WRONG! Steve, are you so DUMB that you actually think people will live to be 120 a generation from now? Give me a BREAK! It ain’t gonna happen dippy doo! “Modern marvels” you say? You mean the chemicals that Dr.’s are shoving down their patients throats? You got to remember that there wouldn’t be a healthcare industry if there were true cures. It will never happen. Big pharma will produce new drugs to counter the negative effects of other prescription meds. It’s all about TREATMENT. THERE WILL NEVER BE CURES FOR CANCER, HEART DISEASE, ALZHEIMER’S, ETC. What would be the point of a cure? Cancer treatments and treatments for heart disease are what funds the medical facilities and Big Pharma.

  32. Docs are respected in countries OUTSIDE the us which has some of the poorest quality yet most expensive in the world. The populous is generally fixated on celebrity gossip, who can dance, and scarfing down burgers/corn syrup than to be enlightened at the lawsuit happy country they are in, whereby folks are looking for the “easy”way out–sue, want free this, that, and vilify their docs for not giving them VIP level services. Yet where is the outrage on insurance companies, their corrupt governments? naaah b-ball is on?? most americans are sheeple, imbeciles and naïve about a lot. Many are debt slaves, naïve, and want things for little to nothing with a smile/happy talk–and then villify doctors/health profs who have a minimum of 11-13 years of schooling post HS with 300K in student loan debt unlike any other country. They have debt b/c america wants wage slaves and sheeple to be hamster wheeling to 60,70+. Debt=fear, agita, and slave mentalities. How’s that “freedom thing?” Remember there are non stop wars to fund. Dig it. Pharma owns americant “health” “care”–it is NOT the docs. This YOUR system of crapitalism. Time to leave. sinking ship.

  33. Sadly there are far too many medical doctors who really don’t care about their patients. From my experiences the worst experiences with medical doctors are in hospitals. Personal experiences that left me disgusted and cynical of the medical profession. As imbittered as I am, I realize that somewhere on this dusty sphere there are some medical doctors with warm blood pulsing through their veins and not ice water. My pursuit of a warm, compassionate and authentically caring doctor have been fruitless ventures.

  34. @Nancy Sheritan:

    I don’t think you can read one article and gage what actually bothers the American people. In fact the number of people unhappy with the government is leaning toward a majority these days. Most of us are unhappy with the system. And every day someone new begins to wake up and realize what the real bottom line is. That’s why the majority of these comments aren’t defending doctors… Compared to other countries with similar medical successes (and our very high misdiagnosis rate) our doctors and medical proceedures are extremely overpriced. You’re in the wrong place to be blanket labeling Americans as “sheeple.” Please go somewhere that believes Oncologists are God.

  35. All that being said, this is a very petty and poor example of the failings of modern American doctors. Please feel free to search around and find stories from people who have suffered decades with misdiagnosis’ and serious illnesses due to perscription drugs. I’m sure you’ll find more than a few that die in misery due to late or improper treatment.

    Waiting on a doctor who is 45 minutes late is not what everyone is so upset about…

  36. I am very late to this party but yes… doctors suck. I would expand this to dentists as well. I am starting to think that “emergency” or other trauma doctors don’t suck. But if you did not have your leg blown off… they refuse to take care of you. I live in a State that will now allow me to pay for my own tests at a private lab. But if you live in one I would recommend that you just take care of your own health. If I ever have the opportunity I would like to start a “real world” medical website so people can search on their own medical info. Web MD and such are ok but did you ever notice they “symptoms” are usually vague? I believe this is so people will go to their doctor. Most things have like “one” symptom that is like the “ah hah” symptom, but the medical field will never tell consumers direct.

  37. Doctors in America have became damn near worthless. These bastards have rarely helped me with anything. I have been suffering the majority of my life, but they always say I’m perfectly healthy. There’s been a couple ones that were ok. The best doctors are in foreign countries. Went to a doctor in Korea after having a severe flu like symptoms. The doc gave me a shot and some pills, the next day I was completely better. Not only that, but he took it seriously. Docs in America, unless you’re squirting blood outta your arteries will tell you, “you’re fine just have some Tylenol”.

  38. After repeated visits to doctors that do not listen, do not know as much about my issues as I do, and who charge a fortune to do NOTHING beneficial, I decided to stop playing the game. I had one doctor want me to come in for a second visit to discuss the results of my cholesterol test that was taken at a previous appointment. I told the nurse on the phone “no” and to “just tell me the result”. She put me on hold and went to tell the doctor I would not come in for a visit to discuss the result. When she came back on the phone, she said, “Your cholesterol is in the normal range and no prescription is necessary. Just watch your cholesterol consumption.” I was SO ANGRY that my doctor was trying to require me to come in to discuss a NORMAL test result. He wanted to charge me for a second visit that I didn’t need AND cost me time away from my job to tell me my test was NORMAL! That was the last straw in a long line of crappy, unhelpful, arrogant, greedy, behavior. I fired him.

  39. I don’t have a story quite as rich, but my recent experience with a doctor just made me laugh at his ineptitude.

    So I have minor GERD. I make an appointment to see the doctor and they bump me up to a earlier time. 2 pm instead of 4pm.

    Great. The sooner the better. Except the doctor didn’t know he was supposed to be in and didn’t see me until 3pm….nor did he know the surgery was closed due to a Jewish holiday.

    Nothing accomplished except giving him a earful. And he still had the gall to charge me for filling out paperwork and talking with him for five minutes.

    I’ve been lucky when it comes to doctors. But this one was just hopeless.

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