Comic book con oversells tickets, leaving thousands unable to attend

Yet another comic book convention sold more tickets than they had room for, leaving thousands of people unable to enter the convention. This time it was The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in Canada.

It’s an unethical practice, the overselling tickets, that really should be criminal. Event planners get away with it because although they sell tickets for all-day access, they don’t think everyone will actually attend the entire day. They are essentially reselling the same ticket over and over again. The problem is when attendees actually want what they paid for, all-day access.

One attendee, Andrew Cardinal from Edmonton, was able to get inside, but when he stepped outside to have a smoke, he was barred from reentering. He had four family members still inside, including two small children. He probably should have realized he wasn’t going to be allowed back in if he went outside, but it’s not like the convention had a rule against reentry.

At least the rule wasn’t posted.

This exact think happened the very first year of the New York Comic Con. The promoter oversold tickets and a good many fans who paid for tickets were not allowed in.

If an event can only hold X amount of people, then only X amount of tickets should be sold.

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This post was published 3 years ago.

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