Mexican call centers staffed with deported Mexicans with American accents


This week's episode of the This American Life podcast has a segment about Mexican citizens, with perfect American accents, who are deported back to Mexico and get jobs working in call centers speaking to Americans. As someone who works in a call center, this segment interested me greatly. It begins at the 27 minute mark. From episode 520: No … [Read more...]

Statue of Hitler kneeling in prayer placed in former Warsaw Jewish ghetto

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created a statue of Adolf Hitler kneeling in prayer and then placed the statue in the middle of a former Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland. The ghetto at one time was the home of 254,000 Jews as they awaited transportation to the Treblinka death camp. To say that some people have a problem with this being placed in … [Read more...]

Someone supposedly paints house like an American flag in protest of homeowners association (Update)

There's a photo that's been appearing in my news feed on Facebook. Quite a few of my Facebook friends have been posting it. It shows a house painted like an American flag. This is what appears in the Facebook post: This man was told by his Homeowners Association that he couldn't fly the American Flag in his yard. Click like if you think his … [Read more...]

The National Enquirer publishes photos of Whitney Houston in casket


The National Enquirer, the grocery store check-out newspaper of record, has photos of Whitney Houston in her coffin. The picture was taken at a funeral home in New Jersey. One of the images graces this week's cover. Some are pretending to be outraged by this. They say that the picture is in bad taste and crosses a line, whatever that means. Of … [Read more...]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Jesus

I came home the other day to discover a tract attached to my front door by the Hagerstown Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The tract is inviting me to their special hall on April 17 to learn how I can benefit from Jehovah's Witnesses Jesus taking away the sin of the world. On the invitational tract is artwork that I assume is to represent … [Read more...]