Intel to spend $300 million on diversity


Intel, the world's leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips, announced Tuesday that it will be investing $300 million over the next three years to diversify its workforce. The company hopes to increase the number of non-white men and non-Asian men by 14 percent. According to CEO Brian Krzanich, ...

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Who knew storing nude photos on the Internet was a bad idea?

I think what surprise me the most about the recent Apple iCloud naked celebrity photo scandal is that it's 2014 and people, celebrities in their 20's, thought the Internet was a save place to secure their private nude photos. Since when was the Internet a safe place to store anything? Edward ...

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How to read for free

My local newspaper's website, the, like too many newspaper websites, tries to charge visitors to read content, even obituaries. This is on top of all the annoying, gratuitous advertising plastered everywhere. Each month, you're allowed so many free views, but after that number has ...

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